Automotive Tint

• There is more to window tint than just “how dark”. You can tint your vehicle for privacy, heat protection, aesthetics or luxury. Our tint ranges in shades from 50% to 5% and is offered in High Performance, Carbon and Ceramic tint from Suntek Films.

• No matter the shade or selection of film, you and your car will be 99% protected from UV Rays. UV exposure can be harmful to the eyes or skin (skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S.) and can crack leather or fade the color of the interior of your car.

• Window tint will also keep out a high percentage of heat from entering the vehicle. The darker the tint the more heat it will keep out, with ceramic being the best overall heat rejection film on the market.

• As for shade, each driver has their own preference and we offer our own recommendations based on your vehicle and where you work and live.

Residential Tint

• YES! It is not only possible to tint the windows on your home but there are several benefits to residential window tinting such as climate control, UV protection, security, privacy and home value.

• Installing window film to your home will help keep the suns heat out which will allow you to control the climate in your home easier, saving you money in the process.

• Window film will also keep you safe, blocking out 99% of UV rays which are the leading cause of Melanoma and other skin cancers. This can give you peace of mind in your own home knowing that you are not being exposed to an unhealthy amount of UV damage.

• A bonus of a UV free home is the extended life of your furniture and flooring. Since the UV rays are blocked, they cannot harm, fade or crack your expensive furniture and can instead prolong their life.

• Security is another bonus of window film. Once installed, the film will hold the glass together more efficiently if broken. Another form of security is privacy. Window film will provide a sense of privacy during the day, keeping anyone from looking in without obstructing the view of the outside.

Commercial Tint

• All the aspects of residential tinting apply to commercial tinting as well, but there are a few other reasons why one may tint a workspace.

• Keeping the energy bill down and the employees comfortable is the main reason owners want to tint their office building or other workspace.

• Design is usually the second reason one my want to add window film in their office. Interior design film can help separate space and brighten up the office. Windows in rooms such as a conference room or office can be made to look frosted to offer the employee privacy without darkening the space.

• Security is another reason for commercial tinting. Window tint helps keep out prying eyes after closing hours and can prevent vandalism to the building’s exterior.