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Tuesday, August 21 2018
Why You Should Leave Window Tinting to the Professionals

Window tint is designed to keep your home, office or car both cool and comfortable, even in the midst of summer. Fresh window tint can improve the look of an old car and it can also make your living space much more comfortable all year long. If you are interested in window tinting, it might be tempting to consider completing the work yourself. Yet at Car Pretty, we advise against DIY window tinting. Here’s why.

  • Legalities

Each city and state has its own regulations when it comes to window tint. Dark windows on a vehicle, for example are a safety concern. It’s important for drivers to be aware of the fact that installing windows that are too dark can land you in trouble if the darkness exceeds what is permissible in your particular city or state. To be safe, let the professionals, such as the ones at Car Pretty, handle your window tinting needs. Our company is always up to date with the window tint laws to ensure that we stay within the allowed percentages.

  • Sensitivity

Tinting car windows or home windows requires both accuracy and precision. It also requires experience. The trusted professionals at Car Pretty always make sure that only the most qualified individuals install the window film for your home, office, or car. Correctly installed window film can result in both increased comfort and improved aesthetics. Incorrect installation, on the other hand, can lead to unsightly creasing. Poor quality tinting won’t last as long, either. Window tints are also temperature sensitive, making a DIY job potentially mote difficult to complete with ease.

  • Cost-effectiveness

DIY window tinting is not cost-effective, contrary to popular belief. This is because there are too many variables that can render the project ineffective. With many steps can easily go wrong with a window tinting project, it’s always best to leave this work in the hands of trusted professionals. You’ll save money in the long run of you entrust your window tinting needs with a company like Car Pretty.

  • No guarantee

With a DIY kit, there is usually no guarantee of either longevity or quality. This means that you have no idea how long the tint will last and no assurance that the window film won’t damage your home’s or car’s windows. A professional window tint installation provides you with the assurance needed that the job will be completed correctly and that you will not lose any money in the process.

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Tuesday, August 14 2018
Home and Office Window Tinting in Philly

Have you been wondering how home and office window tinting might be beneficial? At Car Pretty, we help customers with all of their window tinting needs. Window films provide several benefits, including savings in energy costs and upgrades to existing aesthetics. If you’ve always wondered if window tinting was a good idea for your home, consider speaking to a technician at Car Pretty for more details.

  • Reduced fading          

A good window film blocks up to one-hundred percent of UV rays. These rays are known to damage artwork, flooring and window treatments. If you are a store owner, then you might be concerned with the effect of UV rays on your retail merchandise. By taking measures to reduce fading, you consequently increase the longevity of your inventory. This will save you costs in the long run that might otherwise be spent on replacement items.

  • Decreased energy transfer

Window films are used to decrease the transfer of unwanted solar energy through your windows. A good window film can reduce infrared heat by almost ninety-eight percent. Unprotected windows do not provide the same results. Window films also help reduce heat imbalances inside a store or a home, thus creating a more comfortable space for either your customers or your family.

  • Minimizes glare

Another benefit of window film is its ability to reduce unwanted sun glare. Too much glare is a common complaint form both retail store owners and homeowners. The installation of window film can dramatically benefit this situation. Reduced sun glare results in less eye strain as well as increased visual comfort.

  • Saves money

Reduced energy transfer inside your retail space or inside your home results in lower energy bills all year long. When your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, this has a positive effect on your maintenance costs, as well.

  • Adds privacy

Window film also adds privacy to a retail space or a home. If you have always wanted to increase your store’s or home’s privacy, then considering window films is a great idea because it’s a cost-effective and simple way to achieve this goal.         


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Tuesday, July 31 2018
Summer Tips to Help Your Car Beat the Heat

Summer weather can be tough on your car. The rising temperatures put extra strain on your car’s engine and tires. The heat can also put additional wear on your vehicle’s cooling system. At Car Pretty, we help our customers keep their cars running smoothly, regardless of the weather. You can keep your car riding smoothly and even save money with just a few seasonal maintenance tips.

  • Flush your radiator.

Your car’s radiator works hard during the summer. Because it does so much work inside your car, it can form blockages inside the radiator which can eventually render your system less efficient. Radiator blockages can also cause your car to overheat. Having your radiator flushed can help prevent blockages and can also help prevent a cracked head gasket.

  • Replace your engine air filter.

Your car’s engine air filter is responsible for keeping dirt and debris out of the engine. Most car mechanics recommend having your engine air filter changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. If your area has increased pollution levels or high dust count during the summer months, then you might want to consider having your engine air filter changed more frequently.

  • Charge your air conditioner.

You don’t want to wait for the hottest day of summer to find out that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Turn on your air conditioner in the early spring and then take it to a trusted mechanic if you need to have it recharged. You’ll be happy that you took the time to do this.

  • Check your tires.

You’ll want to check to make sure that your tires are properly inflated during the summer months. You’ll save an average of $600 a year by not having to prematurely replace them. It’s important to check that your tires are properly inflated because hotter temperatures can increase tire pressure, leading to unnecessary wear and tear.

If you haven’t considered summer car maintenance, it's not too late to get a short check-list together. At Car Pretty, we help all of our customers guarantee that they have safe and comfortable vehicles all year round, so stop in or give us a call today and find out what we can do.



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Saturday, July 14 2018
When is The Best Time to Get Your Windows Tinted?

Have you ever considered window tint for your car’s windows? Many people are curious about window tint but don’t know how it works. A good window tint will block the UV rays from your vehicle. It also helps protect against glare and it can provide better driving visibility, too.

The right window tint will also protect your car’s interior, and will strengthen your windows, too. What’s more, many people believe that window tint makes their car look more aesthetically pleasing. At Car Pretty, we provide the best window tinting services in the area. If you need your windows tinted and are looking for a trusted company to do the work, then stop in or give us a call.

Because having your car windows tinted requires a specific amount of time to be completed, it’s important to know what the weather forecast before scheduling your appointment. A freshly tinted vehicle needs time to cure to guarantee full adhesion to the windows. Choosing the right time of year to have your car’s window tinted can help improve the application process and will ensure that your financial investment pays off.

In general, curing takes about three days in ideal weather conditions. You will not be able to roll your windows up or down during this time because of the window adhesion process. Choosing the right time of year is important so that you can allow your vehicle the proper amount of time to complete the process. Spring and fall are the two most ideal seasons to have your car’s window’s tinted. This is because the temperatures are generally mild and the humidity is usually low.

Although rain can pose a potential issue in the spring, it is still considered a great time of year to have your window’s tinted. Lingering heat in the fall can also be a concern, but generally speaking, these two seasons are best for window tinting. If you do opt to have your windows tinted in either the summer or the winter, you’ll need to consider both humidity for the former and cold for the latter. Keep in mind that many car shops do not have an interior facility, so tinting at their location might not even be an option.

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Friday, June 29 2018
Paint Protection With Xpel Paint Protection in Philadelphia

            Car owners everywhere understand that taking care of their car’s exterior is just as important as taking car of its interior. At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we help our customers with whatever their car care needs are. If you need assistance with maintaining your car’s exterior, then stop in to Car Pretty, where we offer Xpel Paint Protection.

            Not all paint protection brands offer the level of protection that you need. The paint protection offered by Xpel is guaranteed to provide the highest quality material that’s needed to safely cover your vehicle. Xpel takes the time to have all of their products tested for quality and efficiency so you can rest assured that your car will be adequately protected.

            The highest level of standards is what make by Xpel one of the most recognized names in the automobile protection industry. Their paint protection films are offered in either clear or colored polyurethane. They are applied directly to your vehicle to protect it from dents and scratches caused by bug droppings, debris and even rocks.

            All of the paint protection films from Xpel are hand drawn, measured and then manually tested. Each of their products goes through elaborate scrutiny to ensure that only the highest quality products are offered to each customer who needs a reliable and durable paint protection product. Xpel promises that each of their products will protect your car’s appearance, even in the harshest of conditions.

            If you want t eh best level of protection available for your vehicle, then stop in to Car Pretty and speak with one of our qualified technicians. We’ll get the right protective film for your car and you’ll be able to drive away knowing that you have the best product on the market protecting your car. Car Pretty always goes the extra mile to ensure that each one of our customers receives the right level of care for their specific vehicle.




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Thursday, June 14 2018
Adding Privacy and Comfort to Your Vehicle With Window Tinting

            As a car owner, you might already know that window tinting has numerous benefits. Yet have you actually tried window tinting for yourself? At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we provide car owners with window tinting that makes their cars both comfortable and safe. If you’ve always been interested in window tinting, then now is the time to stop in and find out more.

            Window tinting provides numerous benefits to car owners everywhere. For one, it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are present at all times of the day, all year round. These are the rays that can cause premature aging, as well as skin cancer and eye damage. As a car owner, why not use window tinting to decrease your chances of problems associated with these problematic rays?

            Window tinting on your vehicle will also help decrease the likelihood of faded interior upholstery. If you love your car and you want it to last for years to come, then you’ll want to take good care of its interior. Window film can help you keep the inside of your car looking great because it will decrease the chances of any damage to its inside.

            Another benefit to installing window tinting on your vehicle is that window film has the ability to hold your vehicle’s glass and give it more support in the event that it breaks. Window film has protective qualities in the event that a windshield is broken or damaged because of the way that it is designed and installed.

            You probably already know that window tinting also helps keep you cool. Who wants to sit inside a hot vehicle when the temperature outside is already over 80 degrees? With window tinting, you can rest assured that your car’s interior will remain cool. Tinting film can help decrease the temperature inside your vehicle, especially on a hot, sunny day. By cooling your car’s interior, you put less strain on its aerating and cooling unit. This results in lower fuel costs since it consequently allows your vehicle to cool more efficiently.



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Thursday, May 31 2018
Stay Cool This Summer With Window Tinting

Car window tinting is both fashionable and practical. At Car Pretty, we provide our customers with a wide range of window tinting options so that they can stay comfortable and safe inside their vehicles, especially when summer hits. If you’re curious about window tinting or if you want to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call and we’ll get you taken care of.

You don’t need to own a classic car to benefit from window tinting. In fact, you can benefit from window tinting regardless of the size of your vehicle. One reason that many people opt for window tinting is because it prevents overheating. While its true that most modern cars have air conditioning, their design still makes them prone to overheating when they are used for extended periods of time.

Natural sunlight also produces heat and can make your car unbearably hot. Window tinting can help reduce the temperature inside your car by almost 10 degrees. With a dark tint, you can count on cooling down your car and blocking almost half the amount of sunlight that would otherwise overheat your car.

Window tinting also helps protect your skin. If you’re inside your car a lot, especially for long commutes both to and from a place of employment, then you’re prone to an increase in sun exposure. Penetrating UV light can cause burns and rashes on some people. Repeated UV sun exposure can also lead to premature aging and has also been linked, in some cases, to an increased chance of skin cancer.

You might also be pleased to find out that window tinting also helps prevent automobile accidents. Driving in bright sunlight without adequate protection can cause a hazard to both yourself and to other drivers. Many people report eyestrain and migraines as a result of sun exposure, too. Window tinting can help decrease this problem, as well.           



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Friday, May 18 2018
Prevent Car Thefts and Break-ins With an Alarm

If you’re a car owner and want to protect your vehicle, then you might have considered several solutions. At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we offer a number of options for helping you prevent car theft. If you want to start the season off right, with a new security system, then stop in to find out what our team can do to be of assistance. With car theft on the rise, you can never be too safe when it comes to protection.

As a helpful reminder, make sure that wherever you park your car you do your best to find a space that is well lit, especially if you plan on parking it overnight. If you have the option to park your car under a street lamp, then take the opportunity, even if it’s during the day. Car break-ins are less likely to occur when a car is parked under some type of light source.

If you need to park your car in the driveway or in in car park, then make sure that you park it as close to your home as possible. On the other hand, you can try to park it as close to an occupied building if that is your only option. When possible if parking at a restaurant or a bar, park where you have a view of your car.

In addition to taking as many preventative measures as possible, you might also want to invest in a car alarm system from Car Pretty. For example, we now offer The Viper Avital 5303 which combines security with a remote start option so that you get the best of what’s offered when it comes to protection and convenience. With a security system like this, you no longer need to worry about anyone tampering with your vehicle.

Car Pretty is always ready to help customers find exactly what they need when it comes to car safety. If you want to find out more about our products and services, then stop by or give our shop a call and find out how we can be of assistance.



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Saturday, April 28 2018
Remote Starters for Summer in Philly

Are you a car owner who’s considering a remote starter for your vehicle?  Maybe you already have one but you’re interested in an upgrade.  At Car Pretty, we take pride in offering only the highest quality service and professional installation for your vehicle.  As the tint leader for Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, we strive to make sure that you are always fully satisfied with your purchase. Although we specialize in window tinting, we are also proud to offer our customers remote starters, as well. This summer, stay cool with a remote starter from our shop.

Are you wondering how you might benefit from a remote starter this summer? For one, cars act as large insulators.  They attract the current temperature and then seal it inside your car, regardless of how hot or how cold it might be.  On a blistering hot summer day, you’re going to feel whatever heat has been sealed inside.  With a remote start, however, you can manage your vehicle’s temperature and control the comfort level, too.  

Remote starters are a modern convenience, yet they will last for years and offer you several benefits besides climate control.  Many have a keyless entry function which allows you to lock and unlock your doors with just the press of a button.  This is a beneficial feature when the locks on your vehicle malfunction. What’s more, keyless entry saves you time and frustration.  They help cut down on vehicle scrapes caused by keys, as well.

In addition to modifying your vehicle’s climate and offering keyless entry, remote starts also offer a specific range, depending on the model and brand. If you’re thinking about purchasing a remote start, then you might want to consider how much range you’re going to need, as well.  While it’s true that many people use their remote starts from home, and only require a basic system, it’s important to keep in mind that others might be interested in using them from further distances away.  At Car Pretty, we can help you assess what sort of range you will require, and then help you come up with the best product for your needs.

Many people like remote starters because they can utilize them with a smartphone app.  Smartphone-based remote starts are the latest in remote start technology because most of the traditional remote starts offer a limited range.  Smartphone remote start systems enable you to start your vehicle through your iPhone or Android smartphone, and as long as your vehicle is parked in an area that receives cell phone coverage, then your remote start will work on your vehicle.  The range is essentially unlimited, making this an added benefit of investing in a remote start car alarm system.  What’s more, many of the smartphone remote starts also offer GPS tracking, lock and unlock features and more.

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Saturday, April 14 2018
Top 5 Benefits of Window Tinting in Philadelphia

When it comes to window tinting, it pays to go with a company that has a solid reputation At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we take pride in all of the window tinting services that we offer and we work hard to ensure that all of our customers receive exactly what they need, all year round. There are several unique benefits to having your car’s windows tinted, and at Car Pretty we’ve got five reasons to consider.

1. Deters crime
One of the top reasons we suggest window tinting is for safety. Living in an urban area has its own unique set of challenges. If you live in a city then you probably already know that crime is unavoidable.  While many people have windows that allow people to view directly inside their vehicle, others have opted for professional window tinting jobs that have a powerful effect on reducing the number of break-ins for those vehicles.  

2. Decreases heat
Tinting your vehicle’s windows will also keep out those thermal rays that would otherwise bake the interior. The feeling of being slow-cooked behind the wheel is not a pleasant one and many people find that a tinting job fixes the problem. Thermal rejection film repels those strong rays so that you can drive comfortably, regardless of the weather.

3. Protects skin
Everyone knows that the UV rays from the sun can pose dangers to skin. For this reason, many people opt for window tinting. Most of us spend a significant amount of time in our cars. This means that we’re at an increased risk for sun exposure. Although some vehicles have window film that rejects some harmful rays, it’s still necessary to have window tint that blocks 100%.

4. Reduces glare
We all know the feeling of driving with sun glare. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. A window tinting job will help reduce the glare that might otherwise cause a hazard on the road. 

5. Adds privacy
Tinted windows help deter unwanted views into your vehicle. Whether you want to protect your personal belongings from strangers or whether you want to decrease the ability that strangers have to look inside your car, tinting your windows will help.

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