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Monday, December 24 2018
Why DIY Window Tinting is the Worst Idea

Why DIY Window Tinting is the Worst Idea


DIY projects are a huge trend.

In fact, there’s just about a DIY guide for almost anything and everything you could possibly imagine.


But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to follow them all. Because, for every easy DIY guide you find on the internet, there are a dozen failure videos to along with them.


DIY projects are great for crafts, accessories, small furnishings. But when it comes to big expensive items like your car? Specifically, window tinting? Well, sometimes it’s best to back away from the DIY guides, and let a professional help.


The risk of damaging your car and having to throw away money just to fix what could have easily been done the first time around by a professional- is just not one you want to take.


Not to mention the time wasted completing the DIY project, and then the time wasted having to get it fixed. It’s not worth it.


Still not convinced? Here are some of the most common DIY window tinting fails.



Biggest DIY Window Tinting Fails


#1 – Bubbles and Bumps

If you don’t have impeccably clean windows, dust or dirt can easily get caught underneath the tint film, causing bubbles and bumps. This is a common problem with DIY window tinting. Worst part is, these bubbles and bumps cause distortions making it difficult to actually see through your windows. Sometimes, the bubbles don’t even show up until months down the road, at which point there’s nothing left for you to do but redo the tint.


#2 – Illegally Dark

Every state has its own legal percentages of how dark car windows can be. If you accidentally tint your window too dark – you won’t be able to pass inspection. Not only that, but you might even get pulled over and/or fined.


#3 – Wide Margins

The ideal window tint starts as close to the window’s edge as possible. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Often, the mark of a DIY window tint is that the film begins far from the actual edge of the window, leaving a gaping margin.


#4 – Scratches

A crucial step in window tinting is the cutting of the film. Not only is it difficult to cut the film evenly and exactly to the size you want, it’s also hard not to accidently cut your car. That is, if you don’t have the right equipment. Professional window tinters have top notch tools and methods to flawlessly cut the film to your windows, without leaving a single scratch on your car’s paint job or windows themselves.


So, Now What?

Call a professional window tinter to do the job!


Don’t leave the quality of your window tinting up to chance, and get a professional car tinter to do a job well done.


Here in Philadelphia, Car Pretty is known to have the #1 automotive window tinting specialists. If you’re looking to get that perfect tint, give us a call at 215-688-2000!


We’re always happy to help.

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