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Wednesday, November 21 2018
Caring For Your Tinted Windows


So, you’ve got some tinted car windows… congrats!

It’s a move you’ll be happy you made for a long time to come.


Now it’s time to learn about properly maintaining your tinted windows, so they can properly protect your car and your health. But, don’t be overwhelmed- the upkeep is simple!


Here’s what you need to know:


Cleaning Your Tinted Windows


  • First of all, if your car windows are newly installed, hold off on the cleaning for at least a week. Depending on a number of factors, window films can take up to a week to dry and effectively cure. Waiting to wipe at the windows until they’ve fully settled is the best way to ensure no unnecessary damage to the film.


  • Only wash your windows with soft, cushioned materials. Such as, microfiber cloths, cotton rags, paper towels, tissues, etc.


  • It’s also important that you only use temperate solutions when cleaning your treated windows. Stay away from harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the window finish. This means using mild cleaners like foam cleansers, dish soap, and even just warm water to wipe away the grime and dirt.


We highly recommend asking your local installer what the best cleaning solution is for your particular car windows.



Other Tips to Keep in Mind


  • Right after the installation job, keep the windows rolled up. It can take anywhere between 24 hours to a week for newly installed film interior to dry. And, if you roll down your windows while the film is still wet, the tint is likely to get damaged.


Check in with your local installer, and ask how long they recommend waiting before rolling down the windows. The time will depend mainly on the type of tint you have and the weather conditions where you live (humid, dry, etc.)


  • No sharp objects. As tough as the pollen, ice, or bird droppings might be to get off the window, do not use sharp objects that might scratch up the glass. Tools like razors, keys, scrapers are terrible for the window film.


  • If a part of your window film ever gets damaged, that piece cannot be repaired. However, it can be replaced. It’s good to keep this information in your head, so that if you ever need to take a damaged window to an installer, you know what to ask for.

What Really Increases the Longevity of Your Tinted Windows


Properly maintaining your tinted windows plays a huge role in longevity. If you want your windows to last as long as possible and give you the most bang for your buck, then you’ve got to meet your windows’ needs.


However, at the end of the day when all is said and done, the main factor that truly determines window tint longevity is quality- tint quality and installation quality.


So, be sure to go to a professional window installer that recommends only the best quality products and does the best quality workmanship.

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