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Tuesday, July 31 2018
Summer Tips to Help Your Car Beat the Heat

Summer weather can be tough on your car. The rising temperatures put extra strain on your car’s engine and tires. The heat can also put additional wear on your vehicle’s cooling system. At Car Pretty, we help our customers keep their cars running smoothly, regardless of the weather. You can keep your car riding smoothly and even save money with just a few seasonal maintenance tips.

  • Flush your radiator.

Your car’s radiator works hard during the summer. Because it does so much work inside your car, it can form blockages inside the radiator which can eventually render your system less efficient. Radiator blockages can also cause your car to overheat. Having your radiator flushed can help prevent blockages and can also help prevent a cracked head gasket.

  • Replace your engine air filter.

Your car’s engine air filter is responsible for keeping dirt and debris out of the engine. Most car mechanics recommend having your engine air filter changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. If your area has increased pollution levels or high dust count during the summer months, then you might want to consider having your engine air filter changed more frequently.

  • Charge your air conditioner.

You don’t want to wait for the hottest day of summer to find out that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Turn on your air conditioner in the early spring and then take it to a trusted mechanic if you need to have it recharged. You’ll be happy that you took the time to do this.

  • Check your tires.

You’ll want to check to make sure that your tires are properly inflated during the summer months. You’ll save an average of $600 a year by not having to prematurely replace them. It’s important to check that your tires are properly inflated because hotter temperatures can increase tire pressure, leading to unnecessary wear and tear.

If you haven’t considered summer car maintenance, it's not too late to get a short check-list together. At Car Pretty, we help all of our customers guarantee that they have safe and comfortable vehicles all year round, so stop in or give us a call today and find out what we can do.



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