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Friday, August 04 2017
Securing Your Valuables with Window Tint in Philadelphia
Nobody wants to think about having valuables stolen from their car, but it does happen, so it’s worth being prepared. At Car Pretty, we help our Philadelphia customers find ways to preserve the safety of valuables that are stored inside their cars. Unfortunately, automobile thefts are on the rise and car owners need to be one step ahead of their offenders in order to protect their belongings, as well as their vehicles. 
At Car Pretty, we work hard to ensure that our customers feel confident in a variety of car-related decisions. We know that there are a few tried and true ways to reduce the likelihood of having belongings stolen from vehicles, and we share these ideas with all of our customers.
What many people don’t think of right away is the fact that automobile window tinting significantly reduces car theft. With a custom window tinting film, you can make your car’s glass harder to break, and you can also make it harder to peek inside to see your valuables.
A custom window tinting job from Car Pretty makes it harder for potential thieves to see what’s inside your car. This, alone, is a great deterrent and will keep people from thinking about trying to break into your vehicle. Cars that do not have tinted windows are broken into far more frequently than cars with tinted windows for the simple fact that tinted windows make it difficult to see what’s inside. In the rare event that a car with tinted windows is broken into, the security window film on the windows will still make it more difficult to actually get inside the car.
Another idea for you to consider includes thinking carefully about where you park your vehicle. Make sure that it’s in a well-lit area and make sure that you never leave your keys inside. Park in familiar places where parking attendants are visible and try to park as close to your final destination as possible. Invest in a high-quality window film like the kind we use at Car Pretty of Philadelphia. The window film that we use on our custom window film projects is created to provide a strong, protective barrier between yourself and the glass.
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