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Friday, January 27 2017
When is a Good Season for Window Tint?

    When it comes to window tinting, there are many pieces of information worth repeating.  For one, many people are under the misconception that window tinting is just for aesthetic purposes.  While it’s true that a tinted vehicle does have a certain appeal, window tinting has benefits that go far beyond just appearance.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia we know that you want to have a vehicle that looks good and feels safe.  Our custom window tinting projects can help you achieve both of these requirements.

    One of the major misconceptions about window tinting is that you can only get your vehicle tinted in the summer months when it is hot.  While it’s true that having a vehicle tinted during the summer will definitely cut down on the raising temperatures inside your vehicle, warmer months are not the only opportune times for tinting.  What many people don’t know is that window tinting in the winter months can have just as many advantages and window tinting in the summer months.

    Window is quickly approaching and many vehicle owners want to know how window tinting can work to their benefit.  For one, window tinting your vehicle during the winter months can help reduce heat loss by aiding in the amount of time it takes to warm up your vehicle and by helping the inside of your vehicle stay warmer for longer stretches of time.  With information like this, you’ll be off and running in a more comfortable in no time.  

Another interesting tidbit of information is that window tinting significantly reduces fading due to sun exposure.  Even during the colder months, the sun still retains its ability to penetrate windows and can lead to unnecessary upholstery fading as well as unnecessary cracking in plastic components.  An easy way to remember the way that window tint works is:  retain heat in winter and reduce heat in summer.  What’s more, window tinting can also help reduce the amount of sun exposure that reaches your skin, during both summer and winter months, alike.

    Window tinting technology has also evolved quite a bit over the years.  Because of the advances in applications and materials, you’re now guaranteed a much higher quality product for your personal vehicle.  At Car Pretty, we know that you deserve the best for your vehicle, so we use only the top-rated lines for all of our window tinting projects.  


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