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Wednesday, December 28 2016

If you own a small business, or even if you’re just thinking about opening a business, there are many aesthetic and productivity issues to consider.  You might want to grow a large business in a short period of time, or you might want to expand in your particular area of work.  Whatever your personal situation is, one fact is for certain:  your business will benefit from a professional window tint installation.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we work to help your business thrive.  

Window tinting has universal properties.  Benefit one of window tinting is that it helps protect both your belongings and your skin from the potentially harmful damage of the sun.  At Car Pretty, our goal is to help you decide what the most effective route is for attaining a professional looking window film for your particular business.  Commercial window tinting used to be considered more of a luxury for business owners.  Nowadays, it’s become more of a long-term investment.  Many of today’s businesses are located in sunny areas, and it becomes a priority for these areas to have some form of window film protection.  A custom window tint reduces glare and adds protection, which is important for all business owners.

 Benefit two of window tinting is that it enhances your business’s appearance.  A fresh window tint can literally transform the look of your store-front or your building.  Darkened windows provide a look that is both appealing and comforting.  A window tint lets restaurant owners, for example, escape some of the sweltering heat of summer.  A custom window tint can also add a more professional look to an otherwise mediocre looking building.  A window film truly enhances peoples’ image of your business, and when installed correctly, can last a long time.

 Benefit three of window tinting is lower energy costs.  Many business owners, especially new business owners, overlook the cost of maintaining an energy-efficient business.  The costs associated with heating and cooling a business can be astronomical.  Sun rays penetrate store-front windows and raise office temperatures, but with a custom window film you can significantly cut your air conditioning costs.  
 Benefit four of window tinting is reduced glare.  Employees are more likely to be distressed if they have to constantly battle sun glare from their office seats.  Why not let the professional installers at Car Pretty help you decide on an affordable and efficient window tinting solution?  
​You’re almost guaranteed increased productivity if your employees don’t have to battle with distractions from sun glare and other sun-related annoyances.  

 One more final benefit of window tinting is simple appeal.  When people walk by your business, they get a first impression.  With a professionally installed window tint from Car Pretty, you can rest assured that your business will be one of the best -looking ones on the block.  You might not know this, but a tinted window helps hide the streaks and dirt that are so easily noticed on an otherwise non-tinted window.  Why not let one of the professional installers at Car Pretty help you choose a window tint that works perfect for your business? Give us a call or contact us today!



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