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Tuesday, August 17 2021
Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tinting

How Is Window Tint Applied?

The window tint film is added to windows that have been thoroughly cleaned. We perform a comprehensive cleaning of the windows to ensure every last piece of dirt and grime has been eliminated. The next step is to cut the tint film to the size of the window. The release liner is then pulled away, exposing the adhesive of the film.

We add an application solution to the windows prior to applying the tinted film to the glass. The application solution is subsequently removed, setting the stage for our team to trim along the edges so the tint’s perimeter aligns with the window edges.

How Long Does Window Tint Installation Take?

It will probably take between an hour and two hours to complete the installation of the window tint. However, the number of windows and the type of vehicle also play a role in determining the amount of time necessary for tint film application.

Is It Possible To Have Window Tint Applied to Windows When It Is Cold or Wet Outside?

Indeed, it is possible to add window tint amidst inclement weather. Today’s window tint is designed with adhesive systems that allow for reliable, long-lasting adhesion to windows, regardless of how cold or rainy it is outside. Though the curing time for window tint applied when it is cold outside might be a little longer than usual, there is no other significant difference between installation in cold weather and warm weather.

Is Window Tint Applied to the Exterior or Interior of Vehicle Windows?

Window tint is applied to the inside of the window. The film is initially laid along the exterior of the window prior to cutting so it fits just right with the window. The film is then placed on large glass and cut to size. The next step is to install the film along with the interior of the window so it cannot be compromised by the weather or miscreants interested in trying to peel off car window tint from the outside of the vehicle.

Does Window Film Really Have the Potential to Decrease Energy Costs?

Tint your windows and you won’t use your air conditioner as often. The reduction in A/C use saves you that much more money and also reduces your energy consumption to boot.

What Is the Safest Way To Clean Windows That Have Been Tinted?

Give the newly-tinted windows a week after installation so complete drying can take place. If you were to clean the windows too soon, the tint might be compromised prior to drying. You can clean your tinted windows after the one-week mark using a non-ammonia, non-abrasive cleaner, and a soft paper towel.

Learn More About Window Tinting in Philadelphia by Contacting Car Pretty

If you have any other questions about window tinting, don’t be shy! Contact our window tinting experts today at (215) 688-2000. We’ll happily answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about window tinting. You can also request an appointment by filling out our contact form.

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