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Thursday, March 04 2021
6 Advantages of Applying Paint Protection to Your Vehicle

To many, cars are more than a box that gets you from Point A to Point B. Your car lets you express yourself to the outside world. A clean, shiny car shows the world you take care of your things and makes you feel proud to own the vehicle.

Not to mention that keeping your car in great shape maximizes your resale or trade-in value when it’s new car time.

Thus, you want to make an effort to keep your car looking like new.

One of the subtlest yet most effective ways to maintain a brand new appearance is to apply paint protection to your car.

Here are some benefits a simple layer of paint protection film brings you.

1. Keeps Your Car Beautiful

First and foremost for most people — paint protection keeps your car looking as if it just rolled off the lot.

It’s simple: paint protection offers a permanent protective coat guarding your paint against wear and fade. This makes your paint look glossy and shiny for much longer, which means you can feel better driving it.

2. Protects Against The Environment

The environment isn’t friendly to your vehicle. Some ways the environment causes damage include the following.

  • Rocks: Can knick and ding paint.
  • Road salt: Causes corrosion to the vehicle.
  • UV rays: These can fade your paint.
  • Bird droppings: More than an unsightly annoyance, these contain acid which can be harmful to your paint.

Fortunately, paint protection protects against these elements. It seals off paint to prevent scratches and corrosion. Meanwhile, it also reflects UV rays to minimize paint fading.

3. Makes Cleaning Easier

Paint protection film can prevent the buildup of dust on your exterior. Less dust buildup means less to clean — which means less effort spent cleaning.

4. Maintains Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Let’s face it: many people trade in their car before it’s completely worn down to cover some of the down payment on a new car.

Are you planning on doing the same in the future? It might pay to invest in some paint protection film for your car.

Sure, you should keep all the parts running nice and smoothly if you want it to have any resale value. However, value is heavily dependent on aesthetics, too. If you can keep your car’s exterior looking glossy and new, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

5. Cuts Repair Costs

Those knicks and dings can add up to unsightly and costly repairs. Paint protection guards against these, meaning less money spent on repairs for you.

6. It’s Completely Invisible

The best part about paint protection? No one can see it. Once you apply it to your vehicle, you can drive around as normal — no longer having to worry about every little rock you drive over or the sun’s UV rays.

Your car will continue to look gorgeous with less effort on your part.

As you can see, investing in professional paint protection pays off in terms of your car’s aesthetics and resale value, not to mention your wallet.

If you’re looking to get some paint protection applied in Philadelphia, Car Pretty is happy to help. We also offer window tinting to protect your interior, complementing your paint protection nicely. Contact us today to learn more.

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