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Thursday, January 28 2021
Five Ways the Sun's UV Rays are Harming Your Car's Interior

You’re well aware of the dangers too much sun exposure poses to human skin. You can get painful sunburns — and too much can even increase the risk of skin cancer.

However, your skin isn’t the only thing at risk. The UV rays that the sun emits can harm your interior in many ways. Over time, your interior may look worse, and the sun can even lead to safety or operational issues.

With that in mind, here are some ways the sun’s UV rays threaten your car’s interior.

1. Dashboard Damage and Fading

Sure, it’s nice to go for a windows-down (or roof-down if you have a convertible) drive on a warm, sunny day. However, the combination of heat and UV radiation can lead to plenty of wear and fading of your dashboard over time, especially when leaving your car out in the sun for a long period of time.

The dashboard won’t just fade, though — it can start to crack. This isn’t pretty to look at, and costly damage may even occur.

2. Electrical Component Damage

Various electrical components are at risk of damage due to the sun’s rays when left exposed to the hot sun for extended time periods. The wiring and other components can expand, break, or melt under extreme heat, leading to expensive repairs and headaches. With tinted windows, you can minimize the risk of this happening.

3. Upholstery Deterioration

Similar to your dashboard, your upholstery can deteriorate in lots of sunlight. Leather seats can stiffen and crack, while fabric may get dry and start rotting.

Additionally, the sun can bake dirt, spills, and other messes into your seats, leaving unsightly stains that are tough to remove. By keeping your car clean and installing window tints, you can minimize the risk of this happening.

4. Damage to Weather Stripping

Your rubber weather stripping around your doors keeps out the elements, as well as dust and debris. Unfortunately, the sun can cause the stripping to rot, which means your drives will get a lot less comfortable.

By shielding your interior from the sun with shade and tinted windows, you can keep your weather stripping safe.

5. Occupant Safety

On warm, sunny days, metal and rubber components can get quite hot. You and other occupants could experience burns when touching these before they have a chance to cool. This isn’t to mention possible excessive sun exposure and sunburns that young children may experience due to having more delicate skin.

Additionally, some safety features can be compromised due to excessive heat. For example, airbags can be damaged under enough heat and not work properly — leading to potentially life-threatening consequences.

At a minimum, you can keep your vehicle safe from the sun by parking it in the shade as much as possible. If you have a garage or carport parking spot, that’s excellent.

Window tints offer an additional layer of protection, blocking out rays no matter where your car is. Whether you have no protection from the sun or want to add an extra layer, come to Car Pretty and check out our window tinting services. Our professionals can both install the tints and educate you about local laws surrounding tints. Come on in today!

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