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Tuesday, December 08 2020
Winter Gadgets You Need In Your Car In Case of Emergency

Having your car break down in the winter is both more inconvenient and more dangerous. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll at best shiver for a while. At worst, you could get frostbite or hypothermia.

Obviously, you should have nonperishable foods, bottled water, and spare sets of warm winter clothes. However, there are some specific gadgets you should have with you as well. Here are a few.

First Aid Kit

You should have a first aid kit in your car’s trunk no matter the season. It’ll come in handy if you ever get in an accident or hurt yourself working on your car on the side of the road.

Jumper Cables

Plenty of drivers have jumper cables with them, but you don’t want to take that chance. Keep a set of jumper cables stored in your car, and know where to attach them and how to jump your car should you ever need to.

Don’t worry: jumper cables aren’t too expensive. It’s better to buy them and be prepared than to have your car towed, anyway.

LED Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Any emergency kit should contain a flashlight and a few spare batteries. These are helpful in locating things in your car, seeing under your car or looking around under the hood, and they offer general visibility if it’s dark out.

The flashlight can even be used to signal to other vehicles that can help in case your phone dies or gets lost.

One flashlight is sufficient, but have two if you can to be extra safe.

Alternatively, you can use a hand crank flashlight if you don’t want to carry batteries.

Phone Charger

If your car breaks down or you get stuck, your phone is quite valuable, as it lets you call someone for help. 

But only if it has battery life left. 

When it gets cold out, the battery may not have as much capacity. Thus, it’s vital to have a spare phone charger or two in your car.

A Fix-A-Flat

If you ever get a flat tire on the road, you’ll want to have a fix-a-flat on hand to get yourself back up and driving. It’s much easier than changing a tire.

That said, fix-a-flats are temporary. They’re only meant to last several miles so you can reach a tire shop and get a new tire.

Keep in mind that fix-a-flats need to stay warm before use. Consider keeping it in your cabin, rather than in the trunk.

One gadget that’s helpful to have outside of emergencies is a remote starter on your vehicle. A remote starter lets you turn on your car ahead of time — allowing you to defrost your windshield and windows, warm up your engines, and get your cabin to a comfortable temperature.

If you’d like a remote started on your car so you can enjoy the luxury of starting your car without being in it, come down to Car Pretty. We’re happy to help!

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