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Tuesday, December 01 2020
The Benefits of Using Protective Covers/Film to Protect Your Headlights

Maintaining a vehicle is a lot of work, especially since there are so many moving parts.

One piece of particular importance is the headlights. These help you see ahead of your vehicle in less than ideal lighting conditions. Plus, you can use them to communicate information with other drivers — such as their brights are on.

Consequently, you want to protect these vital components of your vehicle — and that’s what headlight covers and protective films are for. Here are some benefits of using either one.


The most obvious benefit of putting covers or film on your headlights is safety. If your headlights are damaged, driving at night becomes much more dangerous. By putting covers on, you can reduce the chances of your headlights being damaged from any rocks or sticks your car kicks up.

Film can help defend against knicks and scratches, too — not to mention all the bugs that come out in the summer.

The sun also poses a threat to your safety on the road — at least when it comes to headlights. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause your headlights to become hazy and yellow, reducing your visibility on the road.

Both headlight covers and films keep these rays from causing this discoloration.

The one downside to films, however, is that you have to replace them once you take them off. Still, the safety benefits here outweigh the costs.

Aesthetic Improvement

Once again, that hazy, yellow color is not a very appealing look. Protecting your headlights with covers or film keeps your headlights looking sparkly clean and new.

Value Improvement

The less damage to your car, the more it’ll be worth if you ever decide to sell it or trade it in for another car. In this case, you could better preserve your car by placing headlight covers or protective film over the headlights.


Buying headlight covers is a wise investment. It can spare you a large repair bill should you need a replacement headlight in the future.

On top of that, headlight covers are much easier to install than a brand new headlight. Having headlight covers on hand at all times will save you both money and stress.


Maintaining both protective covers and film is easy. If you have covers, you’ll need to wipe them down occasionally with a damp microfiber cloth — and avoid soap or chemicals. These will leave behind residue.

It’s the same story with film. However, if you don’t drive much or you’re predominantly on city streets, then you’ll need to wipe the film down even less.

Come on into Car Pretty if you need headlight protection in Philadelphia. We offer protective films and covers in a variety of colors and styles to add some distinction to your vehicle while keeping your headlights safe. Contact us today if you’re interested!

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