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Wednesday, October 28 2020
Benefits of Car Window Tints in The Winter Time

Many people know the benefits of tinting their windows during the summer. The sun’s rays can be harmful to you and your children due to heat and UV light, and they can fade your car’s interior over time.

But few people realize that tinting your car during the winter provides a myriad of benefits as well. Consider tinting your windows before winter hits for the following reasons.


When the roads are icy and snow covers everything, visibility is paramount. Believe it or not, window tints can actually enhance your visibility on sunny winter days.

See, the sun can reflect off the snow and cause a horrible glare when you’re driving. When the road’s slippery, this is extra dangerous. Window tints reduce this glare and help you see the road better.

Fuel Savings

You may know that window tints help keep the sun’s rays out of your car, keeping your car cool in the summer and reducing fade on the interior.

But the tint works the opposite way in the winter as well — it helps to keep more heat in. As a result, you can turn down your heat a little bit and save some gas. Day-to-day gas savings aren’t huge, but over many winters, you could save a ton of gas.

Theft Prevention

With the holidays closing in soon, you’ll more than likely have a few valuable items sitting in your car as you dash between stores doing your shopping.

If you leave these items out in the open — or any valuable items, for that matter — your car is a target for potential thieves.

By tinting your windows, it’s much harder to see inside your car. Your vehicle becomes less of a target, especially in crowded parking lots.

Interior Fade Prevention

The sun may not be out as much during the winter, but most people leave their car sitting outside in a parking lot or parking space all day. The sun still poses a threat to the interior here.

So getting your windows tinted can protect your interior at all times of the year.

Window Tint Savings

In some cases (but not all), you may be able to save a few bucks by tinting your windows during the winter. Fewer people want tinted windows when it’s less sunny, and lower demand means slightly lower prices.

This isn’t always true, though, so research pricing before you go to a window tinting professional.

Winter will be here faster than you’ll expect it to be. To experience these benefits in your car, make sure to come to Car Pretty to get your car windows tinted in Philadelphia. Our professionals do excellent work for each of our customers, and we’ll educate you about the legalities of window tinting as well. Stop by today!

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