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Friday, September 18 2020
How Window Tinting Keeps Your Child Safe

Many believe that tinting’s benefits don’t go beyond aesthetics. It looks cool, but there’s no other point, right?

Actually, window tinting offers several safety benefits — especially if you live in a warm climate. See, the sun can cause several harmful effects. Tinting protects passengers — particularly your children — from several harmful effects the sun can cause. 

Keep reading to learn more about how window tinting can keep your child safe.

Prevents Their Seat From Getting Too Hot

Leaving your car in the sun for a long time can cause your child’s seat to get extremely hot — especially if your car exterior and/or interior have dark colors. 

This increases the risk of your child getting burnt.

Tinting your windows reflects a lot of the sun’s heat, keeping the seats cooler and safer.

Protects Them UV Rays

You can’t get sunburned through windows, but that doesn’t mean your child is safe from potential skin damage. 

Most car windshields protect against UVA and UVB rays. However, read and side windows tend only to deflect UVB — the kind that causes sunburn. 

UVA still makes it through, though. These rays can penetrate the skin more deeply, causing skin aging and increasing skin cancer risk.

The right window tinting can block 99% of these rays, offering much more protection for your child.

Protects Their Eyes

Driving involves looking at a lot of light sources:

  • The sun
  • Traffic lights
  • Headlights & high beams
  • Police/emergency vehicle lights

Sunlight is again particularly dangerous, as your child’s ocular lens can filter the sun’s rays as effectively as an adult eye. Combined with the other sources of light, and your child could suffer serious eye problems from constant exposure.

But if you tint your windows, you can block out much of this light and shield your child’s more delicate eyes.

Other Benefits of Window Tinting

Here are a few other benefits that both you and your child will experience when you tint your windows.

Keeps Interior Cool

Window tinting helps keep the entire interior cool — the air, too, not just seats and other items. You won’t have to blast the A/C on high. On especially hot days, dehydration won’t be as much of a worry, as you and your child will sweat less.

Prevents Car Interior From Fading

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to unsightly fade on your car’s interior over time. If you ever decide to sell your car, a faded interior can lower its value.

Helps You Maintain Vehicle Control

Unexpected high beam glare or other bright lights at night can startle you and make it hard to see — which is quite dangerous. Tints reduce the effects of these lights, boosting safety a bit more.

Protect Your Child With Professional Window Tints

If you need window tints to keep you and your child safe, turn to Car Pretty Window Tinting. We’ve been installing window tints in Philadelphia for over 20 years, earning the trust of numerous customers.

We’ll make sure you understand the full benefits of window tinting, as well as the legalities surrounding the feature. Come in today and have the professionals at Car Pretty Window Tinting install your tints.

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