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Saturday, June 27 2020
Residential Safety Precautions: How Car Window Tints Can Save the Day

Car window tints are not just for fashion.

They’re also for safety.


In fact, window films are known to help with residential security threats in a number of ways and to even reduce risk of injury.


If that doesn’t convince you, then this might: window tints are one of the easiest safety precautions to set in place. The installation process itself does not take long, and you can start driving your car even before the tints have fully cured. And, unlike alarms and security tech that require regular checkups, once installed, car window tints require no additional maintenance. Sure, you can give the tints a nice cleaning every now and then, but that’s all they need to keep on working.


So, let’s take a look at 4 serious safety threats that window tints can protect against.


Threat #1: Extreme Weather/ Natural Disasters

Summer or winter, hurricane or snow storm- bad weather can punch through a window. Not directly perhaps, but extreme weather often has larger objects flying through the skies (think tree branches and large debris). And, these larger objects can come crashing through a car window if the winds are high enough. By installing tinted windows, you’re installing a thin protective film on the inside of the glass. This film helps support the window and can help keep it from breaking under external force.


Threat #2: Driving Accidents

While nothing about a driving accident is good, one of the worst aspects is the danger of broken glass. Because, shattered glass can do a lot of harm to the human body.


Tinted windows help with this in two ways. One, the tinted film that resides on the inside of the window strengthens the glass from breaking. Second, in the event that the glass does break, the film helps hold the pieces together making it less likely for shattered glass to go flying about the car.


Threat #3: Invasion of Privacy


Privacy isn’t just a matter of avoiding harmless attention or the eye of passerby. It’s also a matter of avoiding damaging and/or dangerous persons from seeing inside your car. Tinted windows provide a measure of security from such people that would purposefully infringe on your right to personal space.


Or, in other words, tinted windows protect you from an invasion of privacy.


With tinted windows you don’t have to worry about stalkers, creepers, and peeping toms peering inside your car. You’re free to be as you are.


Threat #4: Identity Theft


It’s not uncommon to leave I.D cards, registrations, tax returns, and other important documents in one’s car. After all, you’ll be right back to grab them and what easier place to store the papers then inside the vehicle you’ll be driving.


However, this creates a possible security threat: criminals who can see through the car windows can gain access to your personal information.


Tinted window films help you avoid potential identity theft scenarios by shielding any important documentation you may have left sitting open in the back seat.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider installing window tints.

After all, window tints are there to protect.

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