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Friday, April 17 2020
Should you Really Get Your Car Windows Tinted?

It’s an interesting debate.

On the one hand, you’ve already spent thousands on a car- the car by itself should be enough, right?

On the other hand, consumer goods don’t always come equipped with everything. And so, spending the extra money on high-quality accessories like window tints may enhance your safety and overall driving experience.

Today, we’re going to take the side that says it’s worth it to buy window tints. Here’s why:

Safety trumps all.

Let’s get into the facts.

  • Car window tints are known to block up to 99% of UV rays. This means, that instead of the sun’s harmful UV rays entering your skin, they get redirected by the tints.
  • Window tints reduce sun glare, allowing you to drive safely even during sunset when the sun is low in the sky and in your line of vision.
  • Tints provide extra privacy. Not just for you, but for your valuables as well. Darkened windows can act as deterrent to thieves. If they can’t see into the car to be sure there is something of value, they won’t be as likely to risk their necks breaking in.
  • And lastly, a good quality car tint can be a great window reinforcement. When you get your windows tinted, you are getting a sturdy film placed on the inside of your car windows. The film then supports the windows, making them less likely to break or shatter in the event of bad weather or a car accident. One of the most dangerous factors of a car accident is shattered glass, because glass shards can cut deep.

Costs aren’t as high as you think.

Many car owners make the mistake of not buying window tints because they assume the tints are expensive. But, window tints are not as costly as you may think. 

Window tints are usually offered as a package deal- the more windows you get done, the bigger the discount percentage.

However, if you’re really tight on funds, you can always do one window at a time. You may spend a bit more money in the long run, but you’ll also be able to pay for the tints as the money comes. Start with the driver’s window for an easier driving experience, and get to the back-passenger windows when you have a chance.

That’s the thing about window tinting – you’ve got options.

The sunglasses philosophy.

Imagine this: One day you pay a visit to your ophthalmologist. She does a routine examination and says it’s really time for some glasses. You go out to the store, pick out a frame, order the lenses, within a week you’re wearing the new glasses everywhere. Except, you soon realize you can’t wear your sunglasses over your regular glasses. You don’t want to get eye damage, never mind the difficulty of seeing in the bright light. So, you either buy a pair of prescription lenses, get clip on sunglasses, or have the lenses remade with transitions.

Now, you bought the glasses. You spent the money on them. They should have been enough, right? Not quite. Because consumer goods can’t come equipped with everything. 

The same goes for cars. You bought the car. Yes. But, that doesn’t mean it came with every little thing to make your driving experience as safe and comfortable as possible. Sometimes you have to go out and find the accessories that will make your product the best it can be.

Car window tints are one of those necessary accessories.

Window tints provide safety, privacy, comfort, and overall enhanced driving experience.


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