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Sunday, April 14 2019
Does car window tint actually help regulate internal car temperature?

With the popularization of car window tints and sales on the rise, important questions are being asked.

And one of those major questions is: does having your car’s windows tinted, actually help with the temperature in your car? In other words, do tinted windows keep your car from getting excessively hot or cold? And if so, how does it really work?

Today, we’re going to answer these questions for you, breaking them down simply and understandably.

Let’s get debunking!

What is a car window tint?

A car window tint is just a thin layer of stained film. This darker film is placed on the inside of your car windows, providing your car with shade and privacy- like sunglasses. Car window tints come in all different percentage amounts, so you can get them darker or lighter. Whatever works for you best!

Just be sure that you check your local state tint regulations, because every state allows for a different maximum tint percentage (i.e some states don’t allow you to have windows that are too dark and could lead to security risks).

How can window tints help you?

Now a day, car window tint is made from ceramic, because ceramic allows for the best combination of transparency and protection.  

And, ceramic window tints help you in three main ways:

  • Privacy- It can be unsettling sometimes when you’re driving down the highway, or stuck in traffic, and you notice someone is staring in at you through the window. With tinted windows, you don’t have to worry about this uncomfortable feeling. Because, with tinted windows, though you can see perfectly out of them, people outside of the car are not able to see in quite as well. 

        Which means, more privacy for all the time you spend in your car driving! 

  • Sun protection- This is a biggie. Tinted windows protect you from sun glares, which we all know can be a huge driving hazard. AND, tinted windows also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays are known to cause long term skin damage, and other skin ailments. But with tinted windows you can rest assured the health of your skin is being protected as you drive through your day.
  • Temperature regulation- And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Yes! Window tinting does, in fact, help regulate indoor car temperatures. Window tinting reduces the amount of heat trapped inside your car, lowering your car’s average heat during the summer. 

        Now, it depends what kind of window tint you get (so you have to check with your mechanic!), but some window tints also help your car retain heat during the cold winter months. Which means that if you get the right window tint, your car will be temperature regulated all year round.

So, if when you’re getting your car windows tinted, talk to your local professional tinter to find out about the different tints and which is best for you!

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