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Monday, April 29 2019
Remote Car Starter for the Win! Beat the Philly Heat this Summer

Summer is almost here and you know what that means… time to get on your bathing suits and welcome in the heat!

That is, if you like the heat.
Because the warmer weather doesn’t come without its difficult side effects.
And if you’re someone like us, who doesn’t enjoy getting in a boiling hot car, summer definitely brings along its problems.

But no worries! Because, we’ve got just the trick for you: remote car starter.

What is a remote car starter?

A remote car starter is a nifty little device that allows you to turn on your car from a remote distance. What this means, is that you don’t actually need to put your key in the ignition to get your car going. A remote car starter lets you turn on your engine from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever without having to stand by the car directly.

How does a remote car starter work?

Good question! Well, there are two essential pieces to a car remote starter. The first, is a small box that is connected to your car’s ignition. It’s important to have this part of the starter installed by a professional mechanic, since it is so closely connected to your car’s engine. This way you don’t have to worry about any installation damage to your car.

The second piece of a car remote starter, is the actual hand-held device. This is the piece that you take with you and that you directly press to turn on your car remotely. Like a TV remote. Except this one works a greater distance than couch to television set.

When you press on the hand-held device to turn on the car, the remote uses radio frequency to tell the box connected to your ignition to start the engine.

And voila!

How can a remote car starter help me with the summer heat?    

As much as we all love summer, the heat sometimes makes it almost unbearable to drive. Just remember that moment when you first open the car door and a blast of hot air hits you, stifling your breath. And how as you sit down, the hot leather of the seats burns the back of your legs and you can barely rest your hands on the too-hot-to-touch steering wheel.

It’s a nightmare!

But having a remote cart starter installed, solves this summer dilemma.
Because with a remote starter, you can turn on your car, and cool it down in advance. With a remote starter, you never have to sit inside your car waiting in the heat. Instead, you can get the engine warmed up while you’re still packing up your things indoors, and by the time you get to your car, the AC will be ready to rock and roll and cool the car down.
Essentially, installing a remote car starter gives you both comfort and time efficiency for an easy fix. 

What more could you want?

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