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Monday, March 25 2019
Save Money on Your Insurance with this Great Tip - Car Alarms and Their Benefits

Car insurance can be a killer.
Especially in a busy city like Philadelphia. 

Because you’re not just paying to drive in the city- you’re also paying for the high accident rates and high vehicle crime rates that come with the city as well.

And yet, you can’t go without car insurance, because it saves you a ton when you suddenly find yourself in a vehicle pinch.

Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. 

The best thing you can do? 
Try your hardest to get that cost down with a few tricks up the sleeve. And that includes: car alarms.

Why car alarms?

It's possible to get your insurance cost down when you have certain safety features. Insurance companies are willing to bet more on you, when you give them more to bet on. Meaning, when you give insurance companies reason to believe you and your car are not accident prone or problematic, they’ll be more likely to take you on for less.

That’s why, when you install a car alarm, you can potentially lower your insurance cost. A car alarm is one of those features that suggests less problems for insurance companies. 

How do car alarms work?

Car alarms are a great car safety measure- especially in a city with high vehicle crime. Car alarms let you know instantly if someone is trying to break into or steal your car. Nowadays, car alarms don’t just beep loudly. They also send automatic alerts to your smartphone, so you can truly be alerted when something bad is happening to your car.

Some car alarms will also track your car’s movement. So, in case of theft, the police can use your car alarm’s tracker to find where the thief has taken your car. 

Where to get a car alarm?

Talk to your local car mechanic or vehicle specialist. There are all different types of car alarms, so talking it out with a professional can help you discover which is the best car alarm option for you. Once you’ve chosen the car alarm that best suits your needs (and budget!), have it professionally installed. 

Car alarms can be tricky to install if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you’re trying it for the first time. This is because car alarms need to be connected and wired to your car properly. Which means, if you do it wrong, you could end up damaging your car. Or worse- not knowing when a thief is trying to make off with your car.

What are some other benefits of car alarms?

Fast recovery time – Normally, it can be extremely difficult to track down a stolen car. But, when you’ve got a car alarm with a GPS that can track where your car is going- recovering the car is a piece of cake.

Less stress, less worry – Having a car alarm, and knowing your car is properly protected, gives you a sense of relief like no other. 

Make your life easy, and consider a car alarm, today!

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