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Thursday, July 29 2021
Professional Remote Car Starter Installation in Philadelphia

If your vehicle does not have a remote start, now is the time to add it. Remote start functionality is an absolute must-have for Philadelphia driving. Have our team install remote car starter tech in your vehicle and you will finally be able to start your ride from afar, ensuring it is cool and ready to go when you are.

Remote Car Starter Installation Done Right for Peace of Mind

Fast forward to the upcoming winter. You are starting to get your things together after hanging out at a friend’s place for the evening. However, the snow has been falling all day, and it is freezing cold outside. You reach into your pocket, activate your remote starter, and your vehicle is warm and ready to roll the minute you step out the door. This is the convenience of remote car starter installation in Philadelphia. Your vehicle’s remote starter will make you that much more comfortable, reduce the amount of time you have to spend preparing your vehicle prior to driving, and set the stage for safe and enjoyable drives no matter how bad the weather gets.

You’ll Look Forward to Driving Again With Remote Start

Part of the problem with driving in Philadelphia during the winter is preparing a vehicle for a commute, trip, or other outings. Cleaning off the car, getting inside, and turning it on only to wait for it to warm up is annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating. Remote car starter technology is now available to warm an automobile’s engine, start the heat, and even activate the defroster. In other words, this is a remote means of preparing your vehicle for a demanding ride on the roads during the harsh winter weather. 

However, your vehicle’s remote start is not useless this summer, or spring, and fall. You can also use the vehicle’s remote starter to turn on the air conditioner from afar so your vehicle is nice and cool when you step foot inside.

A Remote Car Starter With the Right Range

Your vehicle’s new remote starter will only prove as effective as its range. If you are positioned far away from the vehicle yet still want to start it up, you should be able to do so, regardless of the distance. We provide our customers with the largest possible range so they can remotely start their vehicle even if positioned far away from the vehicle. This is the extra distance you need to remotely start your vehicle from a distant room in your home, your basement, the inside of a mall, your seat at a sporting event, the inside of a packed restaurant, or in a massive parking garage.

Contact Car Pretty Today

Are you interested in the remote start, window tint, or auto paint protection? Our team is here to bring out the best in your vehicle. If you live or work near the greater Philadelphia or are in the area, give us a call at 215-688-2000 to find out more about our services.

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Thursday, July 15 2021
Tips for the Coolest Possible Car This Summer

This is likely going to be one of the hottest summers on record. If you don’t keep your vehicle cool, it won’t be comfortable to drive or ride in. Even something as subtle as the addition of a remote starter by our experienced auto experts in Philadelphia sets the stage for a cool vehicle ready for comfortable fun driving no matter how hot it gets outside. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you keep your vehicle cool this summer.

Bring It to the Pros

From coolant to air filters and other vehicle components, there are plenty of moving parts that play integral roles in keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable. If you know or suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, do the smart thing by bringing it to the professionals. In fact, it even makes sense to schedule maintenance once each year prior to the summer driving season so you can get behind the wheel in full confidence knowing your vehicle will perform up to par. Be sure to get your vehicle's windows tinted to keep your ride even cooler this summer. We provide window tint, headlight/tail light tint, and automotive paint protection for Philadelphia drivers.

Park Strategically

Parking in the first open space you find is not the best approach, especially when the temperature is around triple digits and it is outrageously humid. If there are no clouds overhead, try to find a shaded spot to park your vehicle. This way, when you step foot inside to drive back home, you won’t enter an absurdly hot vehicle. Also, keep in mind that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, meaning shaded areas will not be shaded hours later.

Add a Sun Shade to Your Windshield

Windshield sun shades might look a little cheesy yet they serve an important purpose in preventing the sun’s blazing hot rays from warming your vehicle to the point that it is not comfortable to sit in. Spend the little bit of time necessary to add a sunshade to your vehicle and you will have done your part to ensure you return to a cool and comfortable vehicle interior that you can safely operate without worrying about potentially scorching your skin with the wrong movement. In fact, some windshield sun shades have advanced to the point that they are made of materials that absorb heat that much better, ultimately decreasing the amount of ultraviolet and thermal rays that move inward to the rest of the vehicle interior.

Use the Garage

Though it might seem like common sense to some homeowners to use their garage to park one or multiple vehicles, plenty of homeowners use these spaces for other purposes. If you have been using your garage for card games, storage, woodcutting, or another purpose, clear out all those items so you can once again park your vehicle in the garage.

Though most other people might use their driveway as a parking space due to excess clutter in the home, you should use this space to store your vehicle. Parking your vehicle in the garage keeps it away from the hot sun, helping it stay that much cooler.

Car Pretty is a Call Away

The summer will take a toll on your vehicle unless you take preventative action. Lean on our team for window tint, remote start, auto paint protection, and more. You can contact us by phone at 215-688-2000.


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