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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Why More Philadelphia Drivers are Adding Car Paint Protection Film

Have you ever stopped to think about all the different threats to your vehicle, especially its underbody that is mere inches above the road?  Aside from fellow Philadelphia drivers who do not obey traffic laws, there are all sorts of additional threats ranging from rodents to debris, potholes, rocks, the sun’s harmful rays, winter salt, broken glass, and more. Each of these threats can damage your vehicle to the point that its functionality is diminished and its value significantly decreases. The solution to protecting your vehicle is car paint protection film.

The Merits of Car Paint Protection Film

Car paint protection film, also known as the clear bra of a vehicle, provides a protective shield against the threats detailed above as well as others bound to arise in the future. In particular, this film also helps to preserve vehicle paint jobs. Protect your vehicle with paint protection film and you will have done your part to extend its longevity while simultaneously maintaining or even improving its resale value.

Part of the appeal of car paint protection film is that it is universally applicable. This means the protective barrier can be added to sedans, coupes, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and other automobiles. The film is a thick translucent barrier made of urethane that is added to the entirety of the automobile. Car paint protection film is most commonly added to the front bumper, fenders in the front and back, paint, door handles, mirrors, headlights, and hood.

A Sharp Look

Your vehicle will look quite sleek once its paint protection film is in place. This polished aesthetic is created with a shiny and glossy appearance that adds that extra visual beauty to vehicles of all different sizes and types.

Paint Preservation

Above all, the primary reason to add car paint protection film is to protect your vehicle’s paint. This is the best way to safeguard your automobile’s coloring. The car paint protection film will preserve the vehicle’s paint hue and also combat discoloration from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

Car Paint Protection Film Makes Economical Sense

Though adding car paint protection to your vehicle certainly costs a bit of money, it ends up paying for itself across posterity. This protective film reduces the damage inflicted on your automobile’s exterior. Add in the fact that the film boosts automobile resale value all the more and there is even more reason to add it to your ride. In the end, you will likely end up making money or at worst, breaking even, after spending on car paint protection film.

Car Pretty Will Bring out the Best in Your Vehicle

Our automobile window tint experts are here to improve the look of your car while enhancing its safety and also minimizing the impact of the sun on your vehicle. In addition to window tint, we also provide automotive paint protection film, tail light/headlight tinting, residential/commercial window tint, and more. Contact Car Pretty by dialing 215-688-2000. You can also reach us on the web by completing our appointment request form.

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Friday, June 18 2021
Window Tint Keeps Your Vehicle Cool and Does Plenty More

Think back to the last time you saw a vehicle with tinted windows in Philadelphia. Your thoughts likely turned to the tint shielding the interior of the vehicle from the hot sun. Maybe you thought about how no one can see inside the vehicle thanks to the dark tint. There are plenty of additional reasons why Philadelphia drivers tint their vehicle windows. Let’s take a look at the many motivations for adding tint to automobile windows and windshields.

Stay Cool This Summer With Window Tint

The planet is getting hotter with each passing summer. If you are tired of getting scorched when entering your vehicle, it is time to tint the windows. Your window tint will reduce the temperature of your vehicle’s interior, ensuring your automobile is comfortable even on the hottest of summer days. An added bonus is the fact that your cooler vehicle interior will reduce the amount of gas you burn through to run your vehicle’s air conditioner on those blazing hot Philadelphia summer days.

Window Tint Reduces Glare and Damage to the Interior

Glare is a major problem for drivers as well as those trying to enjoy the view while seated in the passenger seat. Add in the fact that sun glare gradually wears down the materials that comprise vehicle interiors and there is all the more reason to add protective tint.

Opt to tint your vehicle’s windows and you won’t have to worry about the sun fading the color of your interior. Have the upper section of your windshield tinted and you will have that much more protection against the sun, ultimately making the driving experience less stressful and that much safer for everyone inside your vehicle and on the road.

Tint Conceals Dirt and Smudges

Everyone agrees tinted windows look that much more visually pleasing than windows without tint. Add tint to your vehicle’s windows and it will conceal dirt, spots, smudges, and other gunk. This means your vehicle will look fantastic even if you have not recently washed it.

Keep Your Pet and Kids Comfortable

Even if you don’t mind stepping foot into a blazing hot car and waiting for the vehicle to cool down, chances are your kids and your pets would prefer a cooler vehicle. In particular, dogs prefer a cool vehicle as they have a thick coat of fur that makes them even hotter during the summer. Tint your vehicle’s windows and you will have done your part to keep your dog(s) and also your kids cool and comfy while driving around Philadelphia this summer.

Contact Car Pretty Today

Car Pretty is here to bring out the best in your vehicle. If you are interested in window or windshield tint, reach out to us today to find out more. We also provide car alarms, remote starters, automotive paint protection, headlight/tail light tinting, residential/commercial window tinting, and more.  You can contact Car Pretty by dialing 215-688-2000.  If you prefer to contact us online, you can do so by filling out our appointment request form.

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