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Monday, May 24 2021
5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Window Tinting to the Professionals

So you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted. It’s a great idea, given the benefits — it keeps your interior cool, protects you from the sun’s rays, preserves your interior, and reduces the chance that someone breaks into your vehicle.

Now, you might’ve considered DIYing tints with some online tutorials to cut costs or save time, but we highly suggest not to do that, and here are some reasons why.

1. Proven, Trusted Experience

Even if a professional is providing you online tutorials on installing window tints, you ultimately have to do them yourself. You might make installation errors without knowing for sure, resulting in wasted time and money when your tints are ruined.

By relying on Car Pretty’s professionals, you can rest assured trained professionals with years of experience working on all sorts of vehicles will install tints accurately that last for the long haul.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Relatedly, it may take you a long time to prepare and install the tints correctly, unless you yourself have experience installing tints.

Even then, leaving the job to a professional ensures you get a great tint guaranteed without spending your own time installing it.

3. Regulatory Knowledge

Tints may be legal in Pennsylvania, but there are a bunch of rules to follow, and they differ between vehicle types.

It can be tough to ensure your tints meet every legal requirement. Yet, if you don’t do things properly, you could accidentally violate the law and face fines and other headaches.

Professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of window tinting laws. By letting a professional handle your tints, you won’t have to worry about getting hit with a ticket or fine for too dark of tints.

4. Tint Film Quality

Many DIY kits try to sell you on price. Admittedly, they are inexpensive compared to professional tinting services.

However, “you get what you pay for,” as they say. These inexpensive tint kits may not have the best quality of the film. Film of poor quality can fade, peel, or turn purple, wasting your time and money while leaving you with an unsightly tint to remove.

Professionals like Car Pretty put quality first. After all, our reputation is on the line. We invest in the highest quality materials so your tint lasts for the long term.

5. Professional Guarantees and Warranties

If you do a tint yourself and it doesn’t work, there often isn’t much you can do to recoup your costs.

On the other hand, professional tinting companies guarantee their work and/or provide you with a warranty to demonstrate their confidence in their tints and to help you if anything happens.

At Car Pretty, we stand apart from the rest in this area. We’re confident that you’ll be beyond pleased with our handiwork, so we offer you a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a workmanship warranty. If you’re looking for the best window tinting professionals in the Philadelphia area, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Friday, May 21 2021
Fun Facts About Window Tints

1. Yes, It’s Legal

Many are afraid of window tints for legal reasons.

But guess what?

Every single state allows window tinting.

The thing is that states differ in exact rules about where you can tint, how dark the tints can be, and so on.

In Pennsylvania, for example, there are two sets of rules: one for cars (such as coupes and sedans), and one for SUVs/vans.

Cars in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Back windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

SUVs and vans in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light in.

● Back windows: Any level of darkness is allowed.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Any level of darkness is allowed.

(Note that there are some other laws to keep in mind. These are just the basics.)

So although you don’t have 100% tinting freedom for obvious reasons, you can get them tinted regardless of your state.

2. It’s Actually Quite Old

Right around the WWII era is when people first had access to commercially available window tinting. EZ Eye was a popular tin manufacturer.

To save money, many vehicle owners tried to do their tints at home. However, tints were all spray-on, since window film had yet to be invented.

As a result, many cars ended up with unsightly, unhelpful, uneven tints.

Some 1950’s drag races put Plexiglass on their windows to get a tinted look. However, it didn’t work like a real tint.

3. There Have Been Many Advances in Window Tinting

It wasn’t until 1966 that window film was invented, paving the way to plenty of tinting advancements. These were considered far superior to the spray-on stuff.

Unfortunately, these first films used dyes that didn’t hold up to heat, absorbing it into the vehicle instead of reflecting it. The sun would also cause them to bubble and turn purple.

In response to these issues, window tint innovators integrated metal into the dye. This mostly solved the heat problem and increased film strength, but now, the metal was interfering with the car radio and other electronics.

The latest big invention in tinting is ceramic films. As you might expect, these stand up to heat and UV, reflecting it all back. Plus, they don’t interfere with electronics and can last a lifetime.

4. They Offer More Than Just Style

Window tints can make your car look cooler, but there’s more to it than that.

For one, speaking of cool: tints keep out the sun’s heat, helping your car stay at a reasonable temperature when out in the sun (whether parked or driving). You can cut your reliance on the A/C, which may reduce your gas usage.

Tints also block harmful UV rays, reducing your chance of sunburn and keeping your interior from fading.

Furthermore, tints can reduce your chance of a car break-in. Thieves are less likely to target a car if they can’t spot anything of value inside.

Looking for window tints in Philadelphia? Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty. Our knowledge professionals will expertly install your tint and even educate you further on all local and state window tinting laws. Contact us today to learn more!

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