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Tuesday, April 27 2021
How Dark Should I Tint My Windows to Enjoy My Car Without Breaking the Law?

Today, window tinting is one of the most popular ways people upgrade their vehicles. It offers a variety of benefits:

● Safety: Tints protect passengers from the sun’s harmful rays. They also keep the interior cool, making it less likely you’ll burn yourself on scorching hot components.

● Interior preservation: Sun rays fade your interior and can even crack your dashboard. Tints help slow this. This also helps your car maintain its value better.

● Comfort: Blocking the sun’s rays means a cooler interior during the summer. You spend less time sweating when you get in your vehicle, and you don’t need to rely as much on your climate controls.

● Privacy: When people can’t see inside your car, it’s less likely to be targeted by thieves. If you desire privacy on the road, tints help with that, too.

● Style: Darkened windows look great on a wide variety of vehicles.

That said, you can’t go as dark as you want. You also can’t place tint wherever you want.

Tinting Laws in Pennsylvania

Tinting laws vary by state. In Pennsylvania, the front and rear side windows must allow at least 70% of sunlight to come through. Any more than this means you’re breaking Pennsylvania law. Some police departments actually use a tool called a tint meter which measures the amount of light that comes through the windows.

Additionally, the front windshield can only be tinted except for on the top four inches of the windshield so drivers can shade their eyes from the sun. This is because too dark of tints can impair visibility, and transportation authorities want to take no risks of reduced driver visibility in front.

The rear windshield is allowed to be tinted, though.

Here’s a general guideline for those areas that you’re allowed to tint: if you can’t see into your car at all, it’s too dark. Your visibility isn’t the only concern — police need to be able to see inside the vehicle during a traffic stop. If the windows are too dark, they don’t know what’s going on in there, which raises the tension during a traffic stop.

How to Enjoy Your Tints While Complying With the Law

The best way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of tinting without breaking the law is to have a professional install your tints for you.

Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty in Philadelphia if you’re looking to get tints. Our experts will not only professionally install your window tints, but we’ll make sure you’re in the know about all the local laws surrounding your tints. That way, you can enjoy your newly-tinted windows worry-free. Contact us today to learn more.

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Monday, April 19 2021
Benefits of a Remote Starter in the Summer

Remote starters are fantastic to have on your car in the winter. You can sit in the comfort and warmth of your own home while your car warms up every frosty morning.

However, being able to start your car without being inside of it is a benefit in all seasons.

With the warm weather approaching, we thought we’d share with you some of the many benefits of having a remote starter in your car during the summer.

1. Makes Your Car Comfortable

First and foremost, cars get hot in the summer — especially if your car is a dark color. When left sitting out in the sun on a hot day, you could start sweating the moment you get inside your vehicle.

But with a remote starter, there’s no need to worry about that. You can sit inside your air-conditioned house, or whatever location you’re at, and wait as the climate control system creates a comfortable temperature in the interior.

Then, you can get inside the vehicle without being drenched in sweat. Not to mention that if you’re out on a hot day, few things feel better than slipping right into an air-conditioned vehicle.

It’s just like the winter, but the temperatures are flipped!

2. Improves Safety

Heat isn’t just uncomfortable. It can even pose a safety threat to you and your passengers.

Many components inside the car can get quite hot — especially the metal parts like the seatbelt. However, the steering wheel and various knobs and controls you need to use can also scorch your hands.

With a remote starter, you can get the climate controls to cool everything down ahead of time. That way, you won’t burn yourself on any hot interior components.

3. Saves Time

Playing off those last two benefits, a remote starter can save you plenty of time. You can get your car cooling down several minutes ahead of time, making it super easy to hop in drive off to wherever you need to go.

If you’re considering a remote starter after learning of these fantastic benefits, come down to Car Pretty in Philadelphia. We offer Viper remote starters so you can enjoy the benefits of starting your car from afar.

Additionally, another service we offer that’s especially helpful in the summer is window tinting. Tinted windows can keep your car cooler and protect your interior from the hot summer sun. Schedule an appointment with Car Pretty to learn more about our remote starters and our window tinting services.

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