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Monday, July 06 2020
5 Ways the Sun's UV Radiation is Damaging Your Vehicle's Interior

When its sunny out, you take care of your skin by using sunscreen, wearing a hat, and simply not being in the sun too long.


But you may not realize that those same UV rays you protect yourself against could be damaging your cars interior, too.


No matter how much sun your area gets, window tints can help guard against interior damage. Here are some ways that the sun can damage your vehicles interior (that window tints can prevent).

Upholstery Deterioration

Seat upholstery can deteriorate due to excessive sun exposure. For example, sunlight can dry out the oils in your leather seats, leading to dryness and cracking in the upholstery.


Messes and debris can work together with sunlight to leave unsightly marks in the upholstery, too. The warm sunlight can bake things like food and dirt particles directly into the material.


Aside from getting your windows tinted, keep your car clean to prevent upholstery deterioration.

Dashboard Fade

The dashboard sees a lot of sun exposure already due to the windshield. The windows only exacerbate the problem.


Prolonged exposure to heat from the sun can lead to dashboard cracks (sort of like with leather upholster), which are quite unsightly.


While you may not be able to block sunlight from the windshield, tinting your windows can significantly reduce your dashboards sun exposure and make it last longer.

Electrical Component Damage

Beyond interior aesthetics, your electrical components — such as your radio, nav/infotainment system, and wiring — can suffer damage from UV rays.


When your car sits in the sun too long, electrical wiring may expand or even melt, leading to potential costly malfunctions. Consequently, spending some money on window tints can save you from a large repair bill down the line.

Damage to Rubber Weather Stripping

The weather stripping around your cars doors keeps your interior comfortable. It keeps out dirt and debris kicked up while driving.


But even this stripping can be damaged by the suns rays. If that happens, it wont be able to keep debris out of your cars cabin. Window tints again come in handy here.

Safety Issues

Lastly, sunlight can cause safety issues in your vehicle. In the summer, under excessive sunlight, your cars temperature can reach a point where safety components like airbags are damaged. In a similar vein to our earlier tip, damage to electrical components can cause your modern driver safety features to stop working.


Also, all that heat transfers to items like your steering wheel and dashboard. If these get too hot, and you forget about it, you could inadvertently burn yourself when getting into your car before you let other climate controls cool everything down.


One of the most effective ways to block out the sun's harmful UV rays from your vehicles interior is to get your windows tinted. In addition to protecting your interior, window tints can make your vehicle less of a target for thieves. Plus, tints can enhance your cars aesthetic.


Car Pretty has provided window tinting in Philadelphia for over 20 years. Our experts not only install the film, but educate you about the benefits of tinting and the legalities around the practice. Contact us today if youre interested in getting a car tint!

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Monday, July 06 2020
Car Tints: A Female Driver's New Best Friend?

Everyone has heard the phrase diamonds are a girls best friend”. Maybe so, but we think that car window tints are the female drivers new best friends.


Window tints offer many benefits regardless of gender. However, they can help female drivers in particular with various problems they may face out on the road more often.


Here are some of the benefits female drivers can gain by getting their car windows tinted.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

Women are often vulnerable to various crimes, especially late at night. Not only that, but they tend to attract more perpetrators of crimes.


When your windows are tinted, then these people cant see into your vehicle as well, increasing your security and privacy.


Even if you arent in the car, tinting prevents would-be thieves from seeing any valuables locked inside. If your car is among other cars, theres little chance theyll pick yours.

Protection For Children From the Sun

The safety of your children is paramount, especially when youre out driving. Childrens skin is often more sensitive to the suns harsh UV rays. Consequently, if youre in the car for long periods on a sunny day, your child may get a rash or sunburn.


But of course, you cant apply sunscreen to your childs skin every time you get in the car, nor can you at regular intervals while driving.


Window tints block the sun's rays, reducing your childs exposure to the sun. Theyll be much safer from sunburn.

Maintaining Health and Youth

The sun affects your skin as well. Prolonged exposure to the suns rays can lead to wrinkles and lines over time. If exposed to the sun excessively, theres even the risk of skin cancer.


But sunlight is unavoidable if you drive often. Imagine if you have a long commute, or your commute is straight through a traffic jam everyday. Think about how much sun youre getting.


Window tints can keep up to 99% of UV rays out, much more effective (and convenient) than applying sunscreen before every drive.


Still on the topic of the sun, it can often make driving uncomfortable. When you first get in on a hot day, the steering wheel may burn your hands if you arent careful. Other areas, such as your radio controls and center console could also hurt to touch.


And if your climate control ever fails, then driving in the summer wont be fun.


Window tints can make those drives more comfortable.

Road Safety

Statistics have shown that female drivers tend to be involved in more crashes, despite being behind the wheel less than men on average.


There could be many reasons behind this, but the sun shining in your face certainly doesnt help. With window tints, you can drive confidently, knowing the sun wont be blinding you as you navigate down the road.

Automobile Aesthetics

Lastly, tinting your windows can make your car look more classy, cool, and sophisticated. It also conveys that youre the kind of driver that cares about their car — which could subtly tell other drivers that youre a safer motorist.


With these benefits in mind, you may be considering car tints in Philadelphia for your vehicle. If so, come on down to Car Pretty. Not only do we install the tints on your car, but we educate you on the entire process, including the legalities. An informed driver is a safe driver, after all.


Contact us today to schedule your window tinting!

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