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Saturday, June 27 2020
Residential Safety Precautions: How Car Window Tints Can Save the Day

Car window tints are not just for fashion.

They’re also for safety.


In fact, window films are known to help with residential security threats in a number of ways and to even reduce risk of injury.


If that doesn’t convince you, then this might: window tints are one of the easiest safety precautions to set in place. The installation process itself does not take long, and you can start driving your car even before the tints have fully cured. And, unlike alarms and security tech that require regular checkups, once installed, car window tints require no additional maintenance. Sure, you can give the tints a nice cleaning every now and then, but that’s all they need to keep on working.


So, let’s take a look at 4 serious safety threats that window tints can protect against.


Threat #1: Extreme Weather/ Natural Disasters

Summer or winter, hurricane or snow storm- bad weather can punch through a window. Not directly perhaps, but extreme weather often has larger objects flying through the skies (think tree branches and large debris). And, these larger objects can come crashing through a car window if the winds are high enough. By installing tinted windows, you’re installing a thin protective film on the inside of the glass. This film helps support the window and can help keep it from breaking under external force.


Threat #2: Driving Accidents

While nothing about a driving accident is good, one of the worst aspects is the danger of broken glass. Because, shattered glass can do a lot of harm to the human body.


Tinted windows help with this in two ways. One, the tinted film that resides on the inside of the window strengthens the glass from breaking. Second, in the event that the glass does break, the film helps hold the pieces together making it less likely for shattered glass to go flying about the car.


Threat #3: Invasion of Privacy


Privacy isn’t just a matter of avoiding harmless attention or the eye of passerby. It’s also a matter of avoiding damaging and/or dangerous persons from seeing inside your car. Tinted windows provide a measure of security from such people that would purposefully infringe on your right to personal space.


Or, in other words, tinted windows protect you from an invasion of privacy.


With tinted windows you don’t have to worry about stalkers, creepers, and peeping toms peering inside your car. You’re free to be as you are.


Threat #4: Identity Theft


It’s not uncommon to leave I.D cards, registrations, tax returns, and other important documents in one’s car. After all, you’ll be right back to grab them and what easier place to store the papers then inside the vehicle you’ll be driving.


However, this creates a possible security threat: criminals who can see through the car windows can gain access to your personal information.


Tinted window films help you avoid potential identity theft scenarios by shielding any important documentation you may have left sitting open in the back seat.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider installing window tints.

After all, window tints are there to protect.

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Thursday, June 25 2020
Enjoy this Summer's Activities with Tinted Car Windows

Car parades, drive in theaters, curbside pickup, restaurant drive-bys, road trips, star gazing- these are the activities in line for a summer amid covid-19.


And, whether it’s your ideal summer plan or not, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your car this season. So, why not make the most of it.


Enjoy your car time activities with tinted windows that will keep you feeling cool and in control.


Here are 5 reasons you won’t want to go without tinted car windows this summer:


  1. Window tints provide privacy.

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening at a drive-in theater, or a fun filled family road trip- privacy is always a welcome element.


Car window tints come in a number of colors and dark/light percentages. The wide range of tint options allows you to choose the tint that works the best for your and your family’s needs.

So, you can choose exactly how much privacy you want for your ride.


  1. Window tints regulate temperature.

Tinted windows help regulate the temperature inside a car. This may not sound so significant at first glance, but it can actually make a world of a difference over a long period of time- like the summer.


When you’re sitting in your car for activities, there’s no doubt the summer heat is going to get to you. But here’s the catch-22: if you don’t turn on the AC, the rising temperature of the car could be an extreme health risk, and if you do turn on the AC, sitting in a still car with the engine running could also be an extreme health risk.


That’s why having something like car window tints to regulate the internal temperature of the car can be a literal life saver in many instances.


  1. Window tints protect your skin.

Whether from cancer or just wrinkles- tinted windows help protect your skin.


Car tints block up to 99% of harmful UV rays- the sun’s rays that can cause long term skin damage. If you’re someone who often forgets to put on sunscreen, or you have children who just don’t believe in skin care- having tinted windows could make all the difference in your skin health.


  1. Window tints contribute to the longevity of your car.

Tucked away in the shelter of your garage or shady driveway, your car’s interior is mostly safe from the sun’s strong rays. But, out in the real world, your car’s leather, suede, vinyl, or neoprene furnishings are at risk.


Just like with your skin, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause long term damage to your car’s internal furnishing. Window tints keep the sun’s rays at bay and protect against fading and sun spots. Ultimately, extending the longevity and pristine condition of your car.


  1. Window tints reduce sun glare.

Temporary blindness from sun glare is a huge safety threat when it comes to driving. And, unfortunately, is a common cause of car accidents every year.


Window tints not only provide shade from the sun’s rays, but also shield against potential sun glares. With tinted car windows, you can keep on driving this summer knowing you’re safer and a safer driver for the tints.

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Tuesday, June 09 2020
A Buyer's Guide to Understanding Car Window Tint Colors

The biggest decision you’ll have to make when buying your car window tints is what color to choose.


Getting your car windows tinted is a relatively easy process. As soon as you’ve chosen where to get your tints, you can let the professional window tint installer take care of the rest. The installer will recommend the best material and type for your needs, as well as take care of ordering, cutting, and installing them.


However, the one thing a professional can’t choose for you, is what color you want your tints to be. It’s just personal preference.


So, here’s a quick color guide to help you make your best choice.


What is a car window tint?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of colors, it’s important to understand how exactly a window tint works. Because, it can affect what color you choose in the end.


When you buy a window tint, you’re not actually changing the window itself. Rather, you’re paying for a thin tinted film that is placed on the inside of your window. The result is the effect of a tinted window, but like we said before, the color of the window itself is not altered in anyway.


This is an important differentiation for two reasons. One, you don’t have to worry about ruining your window with too dark a color, because you’re not actually altering the window. Two, if you want to be rid of the tint or replace the tint, you don’t need to replace your whole window. As soon as the tint is off, the window will look just like it did originally.


What is the difference between tint percentage and tint color?

Now, there’s one last technical thing to learn before choosing a window tint color.


When you buy your window tint, your installer is going to be talking about tint color and tint percentage. It’s important not to be confused between the two, because they are two completely separate elements.


Tint color, as its name suggests, refers to the tinge of color the film will give off.


Tint percentage has to do with how light or dark the film is. Tint percentage is not the percentage of color; it is only the shade. For instance, if you choose a higher percentage on gold tinted film, your window will not look more gold because of the percentage. It will have the same tinge of gold, but differ in how much light it allows in through the window.


If you’re still not sure about the difference between the two, think of it like buying a pair of sunglasses. Some glasses are a little bluer, some a little blacker, and some a little browner. But, how light or dark the shades appear, have nothing to do with those colors.


What are the different window tint colors available?

So, now that we’ve gotten all the terminology out of the way, we can get into choosing the actual colors.


Car window tints generally come in one of five colors.

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Charcoal
  4. Bronze
  5. Gold


The choices are very subtle, and appear more as a tinge than a full-on color. For instance, a gold colored tint would not look nearly as bright as a gold colored marker.


Ask your installer to look at some sample tints so you can get an exact idea of how the colors appear. And when you’re ready to make your decision, don’t stress.


Your window tints will look great no matter what color you chose.

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Tuesday, June 09 2020
Window Tints can Protect Against Break-Ins and Other Car Crimes

Window Tints can Protect Against Break-Ins and Other Car Crimes


Window tints do so much more than just look good.


Tinted windows redirect up to 99% of harmful UV rays, regulate internal temperatures, protect against dangerous weather, as well as keep your car safe from car crimes and theft. 


And, it’s this last benefit that we’re going to examine in this article today.


Here, we’ll discuss 3 ways in which car window tints can keep you and your car safe from criminal activity.


  1. Window tints are a deterrent to auto thieves.

It’s widely assumed that robbers and thieves are less likely to go through with a hustle if they can’t know the full scenario they are getting themselves into.


Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Imagine you’re looking for your next car target. You see one car with transparent windows, clearly an expensive watch inside, and no lock on the steering wheel. In front, is another car with darkly tinted windows. You can’t know for sure if that front car has anything of value in it, and you can’t be sure if there are any further security traps inside.


Which car would you choose?

It’s pretty obvious what the answer would be. And, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the tinted windows that swayed that choice.


In other words: if a criminal can’t see into your car, they may be less likely to choose it as their next target. 


  1. Window tints protect your personal information.

It’s not uncommon to leave papers, pictures, and/or other personal information in the car. And, glimpsed by the wrong person, you could have yourself some identity theft issues.


Not to mention, criminals can gain a lot more information from the small daily items kept in the car than even legalized documents. Think: car seats, baby toys, sports gear, gym bags, and other day-to-day accessories often left lying around.


Luckily, tinted windows can help protect against such dubious intents. Tinted windows let you see out, while keeping others from seeing in. Which, keeps criminals from gaining insight into your daily routines and personal information. Whether you go for a lighter or darker tint, strangers will have a much harder time peering in through the glass.


Tinted windows keep your personal life personal and out of the eyes of anyone who may use that information for the worse.


  1. Window tints can reduce the risk of injury from glass.

If you’re sitting in the car while a criminal tries to break in, one of the most dangerous aspects is the shattered glass that could hit you if the window is battered through.


Fortunately, tinted windows can protect against this health risk.


When you get your car windows tinted, you’re getting a ceramic coating placed on the inside of your windows. This coating or film then bolsters the window from the inside, giving it extra support.


So first, it makes breaking through the glass much harder for criminals to accomplish. And second, if the glass does break, it most likely won’t go as far and shatter into as many pieces as it otherwise might without the support of a ceramic film.


Tinted windows are not just for looks- they’re for safety.

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