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Sunday, July 28 2019
Window Tints - Reducing Heat One Car at a Time

Imagine this: It’s midsummer and the weather is HOT. You’ve just woken up and you need to hurry or you’ll be late for work. You throw on your clothes, grab your bag, swipe something quick from the kitchen, run outside, and quickly jump inside your car, ready to roll. The car is hot and you can barely breath, but you’ve only got another 15 minutes to get to work. So, you push through the stifling heat and put your hands on the wheel, and… OUCH. The wheel almost burns your hands. You can’t possibly drive like this, and now you’re going to be late…

Whether it’s to get to work on time, to pick up your kids from school, to make it on time for a date, or just to have a casual evening out with yourself - when the sun’s beating down on your car all day, it makes it almost unbearable to drive anywhere.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve this and make life a little easier on yourself.
And the best one is tinted windows.

Tinted windows coming in strong.

Before we get into the why and how tinted windows keep your ride cool, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page as to what tinted windows are.

Tinted windows are a product of window tints. This may sound redundant, but what it means is that tinted windows don’t just come that way. Tinted windows are made by placing an additional window tint onto the glass. The tint is a thin film that is precisely placed onto the inside of your glass windows. And it is often made from ceramic.

You can choose how dark or light you want the film to be. But the main thing is that you need to have it properly cut and adhered to your car, otherwise its effects may not work as well.

Now, the benefits.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear about tinted windows is privacy. 
If you’ve got darker windows, people can’t see in. Simple as that.

However, there’s more to tinted windows than meets the eye.

Keeping it cool - Window tints can block up to 65% of the sun’s heat. This means, that even when you’re not in your car, the tints are still working. So that when you do get in your car, you can place your hands on the wheel and go. And while you’re driving, the tints will continue to regulate and stabilize the heat entering your car, letting you drive without worry.

Keeping it neat - Tinted car windows don’t just keep the sun off of you, they also keep it off of your car’s interior. Which is a big deal. Because the sun’s rays have the ability to fade materials. When the sun is beating down strong on your car’s interior fabric all day, the material is likely to fade and discolor. As if you took bleach and poured it in your car. But car window tints protect against this, by keeping the sun off your seats.

Keeping it healthy - And, lastly, it’s not just about keeping the sun’s heat out of the car. It’s also about keeping the sun’s rays out. Specifically, harmful UV rays that can cause long term skin damage. Because tinted windows can protect your skin from up to 99% of UV rays.

With car window tints, you can drive safely knowing both your skin and car are being protected.

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Sunday, July 14 2019
Car Window Tinting: Choosing the Tint That's Right for You

Whether you’re getting your windows tinted for a fresh new look, health benefits, or safer driving, you’ll have to make some big buying decisions. 

You’ll have to choose things like material, cut technique, and which windows to get tinted. But, the most important thing you will have to decide is what tint percentage to get.

Now we know the choices can be overwhelming, but don’t despair! It’s not as bad as it sounds. And we’re here to help you out with a little advice and guidance.

What is a window tint percentage?

When you’re picking out your window tint, you’re going to hear a lot about the “percentage.” What this literally refers to is the percentage of light that is able to pass through the window. But what this practically means is how light or dark your tint is. 

A higher percentage means a darker window tint.
A lower percentage means a lighter window tint. 

It’s the same way that sunglasses come in lighter or darker shades, and you choose based on your own preferences.

What is the best window tint percentage to get?

There is no general “best” percentage to get. 
There’s only what you like best and what works best for you. 

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging with a vague answer like that. 
Because, even though there is no general best tint percentage, there are two things to consider that can really help you find the best tint percentage for you.

The first is your state law. Every state has its own regulations on how dark a window tint can be. And those laws vary depending on which windows you’re tinting. For instance, in Pennsylvania, you’re allowed up to 70% for front side windows, backside windows, and rear windows; but when it comes to the windshield, you’re not allowed to have any percentage of tint. So, knowing your state’s percentage regulations definitely helps in choosing the right tint.

Now, the second big thing that will help you choose your tint percentage is not so much a rule, but more of a tip. Many people, when getting their windows tinted, assume that whatever tint they choose, is the tint they must have for all their windows. But that’s not so!

You can have different window tints for different windows. Which means if you like a lighter tint but your passengers like a darker one, you can have a lower percentage for the front side windows and a higher percentage for the backside windows.

What else should you look for in a car window tint?

Aside for percentage, the second biggest decision you’ll have to make is about cut technique and where to get it done. 

Here at Car Pretty in Philadelphia, PA, we use “precision cut” film technology in order to get you the perfect cut. Our advanced computer technology lets us accurately measure and install tints to your windows, so you never have to worry about DIY projects or troubleshooting.

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