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Thursday, December 19 2019
4 Reasons You Should be Tinting Your Car Windows this Winter

Winter is one of the best seasons to get your car windows tinted.
In fact, winter is one of the seasons you’ll get the most benefit out of having tinted windows.

In the harsh winter weather, tinted windows help keep your car safe and fortified. So that you can keep your attention on the road. Not to mention, window tints can actually save you a lot of money on heating and car protection.

This winter, buckle up and drive on over to your local window tint professionals for a fresh pair of tints.

4 Reasons to Tint your car windows:

  • Car window tints let you drive safer in winter weather.

Tinted windows make driving safer by reducing sun glare. 

Now, you're probably thinking "what sun in the winter?" 
But don't be fooled. 

If you've ever looked out the window in the morning, just after a night of snowfall, you'll notice the world feels a bit bright. This is because, the sun's light reflects against the bright white snow. Unfortunately, this can cause a dangerous glare when driving. Blinding even.

Car window tints protect against this danger by acting as a large pair of sunglasses, shielding your eyes from the brightness so you can drive safely.

  • Car window tints help you save money on heating.

Window tints aren't just for keeping the hot summer heat out. They're also for keeping the winter heat in. 

Window tints help regulate temperature, whether you want to keep it warm or cool inside. Which lets you save money on heating. Because, instead of pumping hot hair into the car only to have it escape through the cracks - window tints help keep the heat inside.

This means, that once your car warms up, you can turn off the heat and save some extra pocket cash.

  • Window tints shield your car against harsh winter conditions.

Winter weather, like ice and hail, can be quite destructive. 
Particularly, if there's any wind involved.

Tinted windows help protect against such damaging weather. When you get tinted windows installed, you’re essentially getting a thin ceramic film placed on the inside of your windows. This film acts as an added layer of protection against weather damage, by bolstering your windows from the inside.

When the hail comes crashing down, your windows will stand tall.

  • Car tints offer year-round UV protection.

When you’re not wearing short sleeves or bathing suits, it’s easy to forget just how strong the sun is. And, just how harmful some of the sun’s rays can be.

UV rays are terrible for skin health. And, unfortunately, these rays don’t go away in the winter. They stick around all year round. This means, you either need to wear sunscreen when you drive, or you need tinted windows.

Tinted windows protect against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
You deserve to drive knowing your body is safe.

Not sure where to get your car windows tinted?
Come on down to Car Pretty, located in central Philadelphia, Bustleton Ave!
Top-notch window tints are our specialty, and we’re happy to install them for you just in the nick of time for our tough Philly weather.

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Saturday, December 07 2019
4 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Car Safe During Winter

Not all houses and apartments come with a full car garage.
And, not all of us have the money to renovate and build a new garage to keep our cars safe.

Yet, that doesn’t mean our cars deserve to suffer in the harsh winter weather.

Here are 4 easy hacks to keep your car safe from destructive weather when you don’t have a garage to park in.

Get a good cover.

A cover won’t be nearly as secure as a garage with a full roof. But it’s an easily added layer of protection. And, combined with some of our other tips, a cover might just get your car through the winter rough without a scratch.

You can get a plastic tarp-like cover or a thick cushioned cover. Then, throw it over your car before the storm hits.

Most importantly, make sure to tie it down. 
Otherwise, you might find your cover-up on the roof.
Don’t park near trees.

Or wires. Or telephone poles.

If you can avoid parking near anything that would cause serious damage if it fell during a storm, do so! Wet weather makes the ground soft. And when the ground is soft, trees and tall objects are more likely to fall.

Unfortunately, winter storms are full of wetness and wind. This is why so many trees and telephone poles tend to fall during winter storms.

Plan ahead and strategize. 
If you know there’s a storm coming up, be cognizant of where you park your car.

Install good quality window tints.

Not many people are aware of this, but window tints actually provide great protection against hail.

Window tinting is done by placing a tinted film on the inside of each car window. This film is made from a thin ceramic material and is precisely cut to fit your car’s windows. Because tint film is made from ceramic, and because it is placed on the inside of your car windows, tints bolster your windows so that they can’t crack or break easily.

It’s like putting up your emergency brake on a hill to keep your car from rolling backward.

Invest in paint protection film.

Now, this is one of the best ways you can thoroughly protect your car in a hailstorm.

Like window tints, paint protection is a thin film that goes around the entirety of your car. And, don’t worry, the film is clear, so you can still see your beautiful car’s paint job.

The paint protection film is a water repellent. It keeps your car from getting rusty or corroded from water damage. Protection film is also a great defense against scratches because it actually has a sort of self-heal ability. It uses advanced Nano-technology that is constantly working to keep your car blemish-free.

This all means, that when the hail comes flying down, your car will have a good chance at defending itself.

And the money you’ll save on repair costs will make your holidays all the merrier.

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