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Monday, October 14 2019
5 Easy Care Tips for Tinted Windows

Thinking to clean your windows before the winter weather hits?
Here are 5 easy tips on how to clean car windows tints!

Wait until the tint is dry.

If your window tints are newly installed, this step is incredibly important.

Window tints can take up to 30 days to fully dry after installation. And, if you touch them wrong before they have completely cured, you can end up with a smudge, or a scratch, or worse.  So, no touching until the tint is done!

The tricky part, though, is that different tints cure at different speeds. It can depend on the percentage, the size, the material, etc. And, it’s hard to know on your own, if you’re not familiar with tinting.

So, the best way to avoid any mishaps is to ask your window tint installer what their recommended drying span is. If you went to a good professional, they should be able to give you a pretty good estimate about the tints they use. 

Do it on a still day.

Cleaning your window tints on a windy, breezy day is just not going to be productive.
Because, while you’re wiping away all the dust, the wind is just picking up more and whipping it back at your windows.

Not only that, but your hands might get extra cold from being wet and getting accosted by the wind. And, we don’t need anyone catching a cold over their window tints!

Just wait for a day when the wind factor is low. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to clean your windows, so you can pretty much just wake up, check the weather, and run outside to clean if it’s a good day.

Use a soft, microfiber cloth.

Window tint is made of tough ceramic material. But that doesn’t mean we need to rough it up needlessly.

When you’re cleaning your windows, try to find a soft cloth or a flexible sponge. Small, microfiber wash cloths work great. Just stay clear of anything that might have rigid particles. Because, those rigid particles could scratch or weaken your new tints.

Note: This may be redundant to say, but never use sharp blades, knives, or razors on your tint. Even if you see something sticking to your tint. Sharp objects will scratch the film, and it’s just not worth the hassle later on.

Don’t use harsh chemicals.

In a similar vein, don’t use harsh solutions or solvents.
All you need is a bit of water and some ammonia-free cleaner. It may not sound like much, but water and gentle solution can really go a long way when it comes to getting those tints squeaky clean.

And remember: we never want to use rough materials on window tints.

Wipe in the same direction.

The same way that you’re supposed to color or paint in the same direction, you should clean your tints in the same direction too.

This just means, either go in horizontal motions or vertical motions, but don’t switch back and forth. Cleaning in all directions won’t harm your tints in any way, but it makes wiping the solution off a little harder. And, can lead to some smudgy cleaning lines.  

So, for best results: pick a direction and stick with it.

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Monday, October 07 2019
How to Protect Your Windows from Hailstorms

If you’ve read some of our other window tint care articles, you know that you never ever want to use any kind of harsh material on your windows.

No knives, no scrapers, not even rigid cloths.

Why? Because all these things scratch windows. And you want to avoid scratching your windows so you can avoid having to pay extra money to fix it.

Plus, it’s difficult to see out of a window that’s all scratched up.

Which is why, we’re going to warn you about another thing that most people don’t think of, but can also very much scratch your windows. And that thing is… hail!

When talking about window care, hailstorms aren’t often mentioned. But with the cold Philadelphia weather, we want you to be fully prepared. So that you can keep your car windows looking fresh and new. 

Because when hail comes flying down in a hailstorm, it can easily scrape against your windows and cause some unruly damage.

Now, when it comes to protecting your home windows from hail, the easy solution is installing storm shutters. Or, covering your windows with wood. But, when it comes to your car windows, it’s not quite as simple.

There’s no way to install storm shutters. 

So, here are some quick tips to keep your car windows safe from heavy hail this winter!

Park your car somewhere safe.

The best protection against hail, is simply parking your car someplace where it can’t get hit. 
If you have a big garage, now is the time to use it!

But you can also get creative with parking spots, and try to find spaces that could lessen the hit of the hail a bit. Places like right near a wall, or between buildings. So that you at least lower the chances of your car getting hit.

Get a cover.

If you don’t have a garage you can safely park your car in, not to worry. There are other ways to protect your car from the onslaught of hail. 

Like… a car cover. A cover for your car.

These are relatively easy to buy. They usually come either in a cloth material, or a plastic-y tarp material. And they should protect your car pretty well. The only downside, is that if the hailstorm comes with strong wind, the cover could fly away.

So, just be sure to tie it down well before the storm hits.

Use window tints as reinforcement.

Another way to protect your windows against hail, is by reinforcing them. 
You can do this easily by installing window tints. 

Now, that may sound silly, but window tints are made of a tough ceramic film. And this ceramic film, when adhered to the inside of your window, can actually help bolster your window. As a layer of reinforcement.

So, installing window tints to your car before the ugly winter weather hits, can really help your windows stay strong and solid when the hail comes down hard.

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