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Saturday, March 31 2018
Remote Car Starters for Any Weather in Philly

    Are you tired of stepping into a car that’s either too hot or too cold? Maybe you feel like Goldilocks who cannot find the right soup that is just right for her tastes. If you are tired of stepping into a vehicle that just isn’t the right temperature, then investing in a remote start is the perfe3ct solution. Car Pretty of Philadelphia has a variety of remote starts that can assist you with creating the perfect level of comfort, any time of year.

Remote start provides the luxury of getting into a car that is already acclimated to your temperature preference. It’s perfect for all weather conditions, whether you want to cool down your car on a hot summer day or warm it up in the freezing cold. With the push of a button from your smartphone or remote start device, you’ll experience a more comfortable drive in the face of extreme weather.

Remote starts are simple to use, which is what makes them a great option for many people who want to create a comfortable space in their vehicles. Most remote starts work by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or from your remote and your car will start.

You also have the option to turn off your car using the same remote if you decide not to step outside because of a change in plans. Once you initiate the remote, your car’s parking lights will flash to indicate that the signal was received. Your car will also remain locked.

Remote starts give you the option to enter a car that is either heated or cooled. This is why they are such great investments any time of the year. Added features include a security system, temperature sensors and starting abilities that are compatible from any part of the world. If you’re interested in making your car a comfortable place to be any time of the year, then consider a remote start from Car Pretty.


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Saturday, March 10 2018
The Best Season to Have Your Windows Tinted

Have you been thinking about having your car’s windows tinted but just aren’t sure when to do it? Window tinting is a great way to block UV rays, decrease glare and protect visibility for the driver. At Car Pretty, we provide high-quality window tinting for all customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area who want to experience a safe driving experience. We can also help you decide how to choose the best season for window tinting. 

Window tinting begins with cleaning both the inside and the outside of your windows. Then, the window film is cut to the correct size for the vehicle. At Car Pretty, one of our installation experts will place the film on your windows using a squeegee so that all of the bubbles and wrinkles are smoothed out. The entire process can be completed in a day, but we always recommend allowing the window tint time to set.

The amount of time required for your window tint job to set varies, depending on the climate. You can’t roll the windows up or down during this period, and humidity can affect the time that it takes for the process to complete, as well. Most people opt to have their windows tinted in either the spring or the fall since the temperatures are generally mild and the humidity is usually low. Although rain can be an issue in the spring, and heat can rise in some areas during fall, these are still the most popular tinting seasons.

If you decide to have your windows tinted in either the summer or the fall, you’ll need to take in a few considerations. For one, high humidity can make the process harder for the installation technicians. In the winter, window tinting can become challenging because the cold weather dramatically increases the set time. Some shops aren’t even equipped to do a winter window tinting job at all.

If you find a shop that has a climate-controlled environment, the window tinting isn’t an issue. However, in many cases, it’s usually best to simply wait until spring or fall to have your windows tinted. If you’re interested in having your windows tinted, then contact Car Pretty to find out what we can do to be of assistance. Our quality window film lasts many years and our installation techniques are excellent.

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