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Wednesday, February 14 2018
Car Alarm Installations in Philadelphia

    Are you wondering if you should have a car alarm installed on your vehicle? At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we make sure that all of our customers feel confident and secure with their choice of security. Installing a car alarm is one of the most proactive ways that you can protect your asset and ensure peace of mind for years to come.

    One of the best reasons to have a car alarm installed is to decrease the chances of car theft. Especially during the summer months, car theft is a growing issue. Many people leave their car windows cracked in the summer months, making their cars the perfect target for theft. At Car Pretty, we can help you decide on the best car alarm system for your vehicle so that you won’t need to worry about possible theft.

    You might not believe it, but many thieves prey on vehicles that parked right in front of residences, too. Especially during the summer months when people go on vacation, it’s important to have some kind of security system in place to ensure that your vehicle remains safe. The cost of a car break-in usually exceeds the cost of a quality car security installation. At Car Pretty, we take pride in offering only the best car security systems available to our customers.

    Protecting your vehicle is important and the professionals at Car Pretty always strive to make sure that your car is safe from break-ins. Why let your car go unprotected when the professionals at Car Pretty can help you find a security system that will help you feel confident in your level of protection.

    Car Pretty carries quality products from Avital and our staff is always ready to help explain all of the benefits and product specifications. The Avital 5303 remote start and security system provides car owners with the protection they need for a variety of situations. We also carry the Avital 2-Way LCD remote start and security system, as well as the Avital 1-Way remote start and security system. Each of the Avital systems that we carry is guaranteed to give you the level of security you need to ensure that your vehicle is fully protected.

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Wednesday, February 07 2018
Getting a Remote Starter in Philadelphia

    Are you a car owner who has always thought about purchasing a remote starter for your vehicle? This winter, Car Pretty of Philadelphia has a few reasons that you should consider a remote starter for your vehicle. Stepping out from a home house and into a cold car is not unusual, but it can be avoided. A remote starter gives you the chance to experience winter from the comfort of your warmed vehicle.

    A remote starter allows you to turn on your car’s heat before you even step foot outside. When you can operate your car’s heating system from a distance, you can guarantee a warm interior before you step behind the wheel. Elderly people and families with young children especially benefit from remote starters in winter. Why make yourself sit inside a cold car when you can easily heat it before going outside?

    Another reason to consider a remote starter for the winter months is related to your engine’s longevity. Your car’s engine needs to heat up properly in the freezing cold. Driving your car immediately after turning on the ignition can be taxing on your engine and result in greater wear and tear. Using a remote starter helps to warm up your engine to a reasonable level so that it’s prepared for driving. A remote starter also heats up the engine lubricant so that it can be transferred to other car components effectively. 

    A remote starter from Car Pretty will also allow you to melt any snow or ice that has accumulated on your vehicle. This makes for safer driving conditions because you have the opportunity to clear away icy deposits that have accumulated on headlights. Remote starters also come with car locking mechanisms which will eliminate the chances of anyone taking your car while it sits warming up.


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