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Sunday, January 28 2018
Window Tinting Laws in Pennsylvania

If you’re a car owner who is interested in tinted windows for your vehicle, you might want to take a few minutes to read up on the window tinting laws for your state. Window tint can make vehicles look great and can also provide extra privacy for both driver and passengers. Window tint also keeps cars cool on hot summer days. It comes in a variety of forms as well and can block anywhere from 10% to 95% of light. 

At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we provide window tinting for customers who want to take advantage of all that quality window tinting has to offer. Drivers living in Pennsylvania are encouraged to read about the current window tinting laws to make sure that they are adhering to the standards set forth in our state. At Car Pretty, we’ve made it easy for you by listing the current laws as well as providing additional helpful information.

As a general rule, the more light that is blocked from entering your vehicle, the less transparent the window tint becomes. Less transparency means more difficulty seeing into the vehicle. The percentage of visible light allowed through your vehicle’s windows is referred to as VLT and stands for visible light transmission. This percentage is very specific in Pennsylvania and applies to both cars as well as SUVs. 

In sedans, the windshield must allow more than 70% of light inside. The front side windows must also allow more than 70% of light inside. The back-side windows, as well as the rear window must allow more than 70% of light inside, too.  

For SUVs and vans, the rules are the same as for sedans in regard to the windshield and the front side windows, but for the back-side windows as well as the rear window, any percentage of darkness can be used. In Pennsylvania, the law forbids sun screening and other materials which don’t allow a person to see inside of the vehicle. 

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Sunday, January 14 2018
Cold Season Car Care in Philadelphia and Bucks County

As the temperatures dip and the days grow shorter, it’s more important than ever to get your car prepared to handle the elements. At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we take car care seriously. For those who want to ensure that their cars run smoothly, even in the dead of winter, we’ve got a few tips to help get you started. If you need help with any car care maintenance issues this winter, we’re always here to help.

            1. Take your car in for a tune-up.

One of the best ways that you can get your car prepared for the harsh days of winter is by taking it in for a tune-up. A good tune-up will keep your car running longer and it just might save you money in the long run by detecting any potential issues, as well.

            2. Check your tires.

As you can imagine, your tires are important. They give you stability and they allow you to control your car when you’re driving. During the cold winter months, it’s important to make sure that you keep a check on your tires’ pressure as well as the wear. Do the penny test on your tires to check the tread and consider purchasing snow tires, as well.

            3. Make an emergency car kit.

Another great winter car care tip is to get an emergency kit prepared. Your winter emergency car kit should have cat litter or sand inside of it, as well as an ice-scraper and de-icing liquid.

            4. Keep up on your fluids.

It’s always a good idea to check the fluid levels inside your brake, power steering, transmission and windshield wiper compartments. Use a de-icing windshield wiper fluid since this will help clear ice and frost.

            5. Change your air filters.

If you see any debris inside your air filters, it’s a good idea to have them replaced. Letting dirt and debris accumulate can cause problems for your vehicle.

We are proud to offer remote starter installation services for car owners of Philadelphia and Bucks County. 

Give us a call today! (215) 688-2000

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