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Friday, July 21 2017
Best Window Tinting Professionals in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a window tinting company that can cover all of the basics? Are you searching for window tinting professionals who know the ins and outs of the window tinting business and who can handle your requests with both professionalism and ease? At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we work hard to ensure that all of our clients receive only the highest quality window tinting services that money can buy. You can stop in at any time to inquire about our products and our services if you’re looking to learn more about our company or our services.’

Car Pretty of Philadelphia provides exceptional car services and professional window tinting installation for customers in the Philadelphia and surrounding area. Our window tinting services truly set us apart from the competition because we only offer the highest quality brands at the most affordable prices for the area. We understand that you want to receive a quality window tinting job and that you don’t expect to pay exorbitant prices for it. At Car Pretty, customer service is our goal, so we do whatever it takes to ensure that you are completely satisfied with whatever work we perform. 

If you’re looking for a company that knows how to handle your individual need, and a company ho knows how to provide attention to detail, then Car Pretty has got you covered. We pride ourselves on standing out as the window tinting professionals for Philadelphia and the surrounding area. No job is too big or too small for Car Pretty, and we stand behind all of the services that we perform. Car Pretty has been in business for over twenty years, and has earned the reputation as window tint leader for the area. If you need a quality window tint job for your personal or company vehicle, then stop in and see what we can do.

At Car Pretty, we install window film and we also educate our clients about each step in the window tinting process. Why not turn the car that you drive into the car that you love? With a custom window tinting job by Car Pretty, you can reduce sun glare, add privacy and increase comfort levels. We know that you want to be proud of the car that you drive and we do whatever we can to ensure that you leave our shop a completely satisfied customer.

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Friday, July 14 2017
Is Window Tinting in Philadelphia a Luxury or a Necessity?

When it comes to window tinting, there are many misconceptions about why people have it completed. Many people think that window tinting is done simply for aesthetic purposes. While it’s always a bonus to have a vehicle that looks well-cared for and stylish, that’s not the only reason that people have their windows tinted. At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we know that our customers are looking for both practicality and affordability in a tinting job. Our team does whatever it can to ensure that each of our tinting job receives the highest quality attention and care.

At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we help our customers choose from a variety of window tinting services. While it’s true that a quality window tinting job will make your car look luxurious and stylish, it’s also true that the tinting job we complete will have other added benefits, as well. For one, a vehicle with tinted windows is a real life-saver in the sweltering summer months. You’d be surprised at how much cooler a vehicle can be kept when it has been tinted with a quality window film. At Car Pretty, we only use the best window film for our customers, and we offer them at affordable prices.

Some people would go so far as to claim that window tinting is actually a necessity, as opposed to a luxury. If you happen to live in a climate that experiences high temperatures in the summer months, then window tinting can greatly reduce the negative effects of the heat on both you and your vehicle. Cars with tinted windows are always cooler in the summer because the heat doesn’t penetrate through the windows with the same intensity. Much of the sun’s rays are deflected back, resulting in a much cooler and more comfortable ride. At Car Pretty, we always take the time to explain the window tinting process for our interested customers. We also help make decisions about window film brands and we offer suggestions for maintaining the tint job once completed. If you’re looking for a way to stay cool this summer, then consider a window tint job by Car Pretty.

Window tinting also helps reduce your car’s potential for break-ins. We hear time and again about the benefits that tinting has against theft, and we always recommend a tinting job as a protective back-up against break-ins. If you’re looking for a way to keep your car both cool and protected, then consider a window tinting job by the professionals at Car Pretty of Philadelphia.

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