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Friday, April 28 2017
Spring has Sprung with Car Starters - Philadelphia, PA

    Spring is in the air and flowers are in bloom.  No matter where you live this season, it’s time to think about how to make your life easier with a remote car starter from Car Pretty.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we help our customers choose the best devices for their particular needs. We know that it can be tricky finding the best possible car starter for your particular vehicle, and we do whatever we can to make sure that each of our customers has the right device for his or her car.

    When it comes to remote starts, we know that you want something both convenient and affordable.   At Car Pretty, we help you take the guess-work out of your purchases by answering any questions that you might have about our products.  With so many remote car starters on the market, it can get confusing, but with the expertise from each of the professional technicians at our shop, you can rest assured that each of your remote car starter questions is answered effectively.  

    One of the greatest benefits of a remote car starter is the fact that you can get you car’s ignition turned on without even leaving the house.  We all know that it can get hectic in the morning when we’re trying to get ready for work, or preparing to take the kids to school.  With a remote car starter from Car Pretty, you can eliminate one of the steps required in getting your day off to a good start.  If you’ve always wondered how a remote car starter works, but just never had the time or the resources to learn more about them, ask one of our qualified technicians to tell you all about them.

    Car Pretty carries a wide range of remote car starters for an equally wide range of needs.  If you want to find out more about how a remote car starter works, or if you have other questions about our products and services, stop in today and speak with one of our crew members.  Customer service is our number-one priority, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that each of your questions is answered promptly and thoughtfully.  Car Pretty is proud to serve the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  We’ll do whatever we can to make sure that your remote car starter meets your expectations.

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Friday, April 21 2017
Car Tips for Spring - Philadelphia, PA

    Can you tell that spring is in the air?  The sun is shining more, the flowers are in bloom, and there’s more cars out on the road.  If you’re a vehicle owner looking for a few quick tips that will get your car ready for spring, then read on.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we take pride in offering our customers a wide range of car-care products to keep their vehicles road-worthy and sharp.  It’s never too late to get your car ready for the spring.

    One of the best tips to follow is related to washing and waxing.  A thorough wash and wax is one of the most important ways to keep your car looking great.  Winter months can wreak havoc on a car, especially because of all the salt that gets dumped on the roads when snow falls.  It’s important to make sure that all of the debris, especially the salt, is removed from your vehicle when spring arrives.  Allowing grime to accumulate on the exterior of your car can really take a tool on your car’s finish.  Make spring the perfect season to give your car a treat with a much-needed wash and wax.

    We know that the exterior of your vehicle is important, but what about the inside?  Nobody wants to drive around on a warm spring day with empty water bottles and dirty food wrappers that have accumulated from the winter season.  It’s easy to let your car’s interior take a beating during the winter months because the cold temperatures make it less appealing to get out there and do a thorough cleaning.  At Car Pretty we can help you get some new spring accessories for your vehicle, and even give you a few pointers on how to get the inside as sparkly as the outside.  Give your car’s interior a good vacuum and notice the immediate difference in both feel and appearance.

    Spring weather is also prefect for checking your tire pressure.  Cooler air in the winter means that your car’s tire pressure has probably decreased.  As the air gets warmer with spring, however, the pressure can actually increase.  It’s important to keep a check on your particular car’s manufacturer specification for tire pressure.  If you aren’t sure how to do this, or if you just feel more comfortable consulting with an expert, stop in to Car Pretty and we can take a look for you, instead.   

    How do your wiper blades look?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they need to be preplaced, but taking a proactive stance is the best measure.  Cold, harsh winters can lead to cracked. Worn wiper blades, so it’s important to give them a good check and make sure that they are still functional enough for your car.  We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so it’s best to be prepared for all that rain with some tip-top wiper blades.  

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Saturday, April 15 2017
Car Alarms - Philadelphia, PA

    If you own a vehicle and have never considered buying a car alarm, then now might be the time to do some research.  It’s estimated that the average driver will experience at least one vehicle break-in at some point during the lifetime of vehicle ownership.  If you’re like most drivers and you want to have a car that is both safe and secure, then why not consider having a car alarm installed this season?  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we install a variety of car alarms for families who want to do their best to ensure the security of their vehicles.

    If you’re new to the car alarm scene and aren’t sure which one is best for your particular needs, then stop in to Car Pretty and find out more about what we’ve got in stock.  We always carry the latest brands, including Viper, and we are always willing to stand behind the products that we carry.  If you would like to chat with one of our car alarm installation technicians, we can set up a time for you to go over all of your car alarm questions and concerns.  At Car Pretty, customer satisfaction is our priority and we do whatever we can to ensure that you receive the answers that you’re looking for.  

    When it comes to choosing a car alarm, we have a wide variety to choose from at Car Pretty, and each one is geared toward a different set of needs and a different range of budgets.  If you’ve never purchased a car alarm from us in the past, we can walk you through the steps that begin at purchase all the way through the installation process.  We’ve been in the industry for years now, so our services are professional and always guaranteed.  If you’d like to stop in and take a look at some of the car alarms that we have in our shop, we’d be happy to take the time to explain how they work and how they might be of benefit to you and your family.

    Why take chances when you can purchase a time-tested car alarm from Car Pretty?  We’ve got a variety of name brand options to choose from, and each one of our products is backed up with a factory warranty.  The technicians at Car Pretty are highly qualified and are always ready to give you some advice on how to choose the best car alarm for both you and your family.  Stop in today and find out why we’re the car alarm specialists for both Philadelphia and beyond.

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Friday, April 07 2017
Benefits of Window Tint - Philadelphia Window Tinting

    If you’ve spent any time on the road, then you’ve likely seen a car with window tint.  Some people think that window tint is used for aesthetic purposes only, but the truth is that there are many benefits to window tint.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we help people choose the right tinting for their particular vehicle, and we spend time discussing each of the possible benefits, as well.  If you’ve been thinking about having your windows tinted but haven’t been sure where to start, stop in to Car Pretty and let us help you make a choice that’s right for your car.

    When it comes to window tint, there is more than just one benefit.  For one, window tint helps control the interior climate of your car.  With a tinted vehicle, you don’t have to worry about the sweltering summer sun.  Window tint helps keep the inside of your car cool on those hot summer days. What’s more, window tint even helps to protect the upholstery of your car, as well.  The sun’s penetrating rays can wreak havoc on the inside of a vehicle, but window tinting is an excellent deterrent to these rays.

    In the cooler winter months, window tinting can be a benefit, as well.  The tinting helps to keep the inside of your car warmer because it serves as a sort of insulator.  Not everybody knows that window tinting has so many uses, but a little bit of research will prove that it has more than one positive benefit.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we help our customers choose the best window tinting materials for their individual needs and then we create a project that is designed for their specific vehicle.  Our skilled technicians are always available to help answer any questions and to help clear up any concerns.

    At Car Pretty, we know that you want to drive away in a car that feels both comfortable and clean.  We spend our time completing every window tint job so that it meets our customer’s satisfaction. When it comes to delivering a quality window tinting job, the technicians at Car Pretty can’t be beat.  We do whatever we can to ensure that each one of our customers is fully satisfied with the window tinting that we complete.  If you have questions about the process we can help you out, and if you want to visit our shop and take a look at some of the previous installations we’ve completed we’re open to that, too.

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