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Thursday, November 30 2017
Window Tinting in Philadelphia

It might seem like the fall season is here to stay, but winter is right around the corner.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we are committed to bringing the best car window tinting and the greatest car accessories to customers in the surrounding area.  This winter, why not look into window tinting from Car Pretty and find out what comfort is all about?  At Car Pretty, each one of our store associates takes the time to bring quality car accessories to the people who want them the most.  Our talented staff can help you decide on the perfect window film to get you through the challenging days of winter.

One of the greatest benefits of winter window tinting is the comfort factor.  Who wants to walk outdoors when it’s below freezing and then get behind the wheel of a frozen car?  Car Pretty is an industry leader in the car window tinting business and we always take pride in offering the best car accessories on the market to our customers.  This winter, don’t get left out in the cold.  Invest in a window tinting project from the professionals at Car Pretty and experience the convenience of a lifetime.  Window tint helps reduce glare from the winter sun.  It also serves as an insulating layer, so you’ll save money because you don’t need to use as much heat.

Car Pretty is always looking for ways to bring the best car accessories to Philadelphia customers.  We can help you select a window tinting film that will help you stay warm when the frigid temperatures hit this season.  At Car Pretty, there is always someone who can help explain more about our products.  Our customer service team always strives to go above and beyond to ensure that you leave with a purchase that you’re absolutely satisfied with.  Window tinting in winter can help you stay warm because the film works as an insulator.  Instead of stepping inside a cold vehicle, you can experience the benefits of a warm car that’s been tinted by the professionals at Car Pretty.  Our selections are varied, so stop in today and find out how to get ahead of Jack Frost this season.  

The purchase of a window tinting film in the winter twill offer you the convenience and the simplicity you’re looking for.  Stop in today and speak with someone from Car Pretty to find out more about how window tinting works.  Even if you’ve never had your windows tinted before, we guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the variety of film we have in stock.  With a tinted vehicle, you’ll have the ability to withstand the harsh winter weather.  Give us a call or stop in today to find out what we can do to be of assistance.


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Tuesday, November 14 2017
Remote Starters for Winter in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a way to beat the winter blues this season?  A simple and easy way to make the cold days ahead more tolerable s by purchasing a remote starter from Car Pretty.  At Car Pretty, we work hard to bring the most convenient car accessories to the customers who want them most.  If you’re interested in purchasing a remote starter, or if you just have questions about how they work, then call our shop today to find out more.  Car Pretty is a top-notch car window tinting company that sells a variety of quality accessories, as well.

Remote starters are an excellent choice for those who want the convenience of starting their vehicles from inside the house as opposed to outside.  Who wants to trudge outside, possibly through heaps of snow, to start their car in the dead of winter?  At Car Pretty, we can make purchasing a remote starter simple and affordable this season for any car owners who are interested.  The winter weather doesn’t need to be an issue when you have a remote starter from Car Pretty.

While remote starters certainly offer a level of convenience, they can also be used for safety reasons, as well.  Walking out to your car in the snow and ice can be dangerous during the winter months.  Why not minimize the trips you need to make to your car by purchasing a remote starter?  With a remote starter from Car Pretty, you can press a button and start your vehicle inside your home, which is great for those who might otherwise be challenged by walking outside in the snow and on the ice.  If you are curious about remote starters or if you would like to purchase one for winter in Philadelphia, then stop by or call Car Pretty soon.

Car Pretty is the leader when it comes to providing Philadelphia car owners with a wide variety of car accessories for the winter.  By purchasing a remote starter, you’ll save yourself the headache of needing to travel outside to start your car when the temperatures dip.  Why not give one a try and find out what the rave is all about?  Car Pretty offers convenient hours and excellent customer service, so we’re always ready to help you make a great selection.  When it comes to remote starters in the Philadelphia area, Car Pretty has exactly what you need. 

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