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Sunday, August 28 2016
Car Alarms and Auto Starters

Have you ever thought about purchasing a car alarm or an auto starter, but felt overwhelmed with your options, or unsure of the benefits each would provide? At Car Pretty, we can help you take the guess work out of your car alarm purchase and auto starter purchase. We offer a wide range of both car alarms and auto starters, so you’ll never have to worry about your vehicle’s safety or your vehicle’s ability to remote start ever again.

Car alarms offer a wide range of benefits, but the primary reason to purchase a car alarm is to detract potential thieves and to offer a greater sense of security. At Car Pretty, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers professional services at reasonable prices. If you already have a car alarm, but are in the market for something updated, then check out some of the products we shelve at Car Pretty.

Depending on your area’s climate, it might be a great benefit to purchase an auto starter. People living in particularly cold climates know the benefit of being able to start their vehicles form inside a toasty, warm house. On the contrary, if your area’s climate is particularly hot, it can be beneficial to start your vehicle from inside so that you can avoid having to open the door to a steaming hot car that’s been parked on an open lot all day. With an auto starter, you have the option of starting your car and getting either the heat or the air conditioning going before you even step inside.

There are other benefits to remote starting your car other than personal comfort. Pre-heating a car that has been sitting in the cold makes it easier to defrost and easier to remove ice and snow from the windshield and windows. In addition to those benefits, having an auto starter also increases the re-sale value of your vehicle in the event you decide to trade it in.

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Sunday, August 21 2016
Headlight Protection

When it comes to keeping your car performing well and looking great, there are always important options to consider. One of these options includes headlight protection. At Car Pretty, we understand the value of a great looking vehicle that performs well, too. Our technicians are at the ready to provide you with quality service and professional care. If you’re looking for a quality headlight protection product, stop in today and see what Car Pretty has to offer.

The average cost of replacing headlights and fog lamps can cost upwards of $400.00. Why trouble yourself with this expense when you can simply purchase a product that will help protect your headlights and fog lamps against the elements of the open road? With Car Pretty light protection products, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected.

Car Pretty light protection products are made from a proprietary, scratch-resistant, urethane material coupled with a powerfully tough, optically clear 3M™ adhesive. This light protection product was designed for maximum durability and has been laboratory tested under severe conditions with amazing results. A Car Pretty light cover can withstand the impact of one-ounce diameter stones fired at a speed of 120 mph. Believe it or not, this car protection product protected headlights that were subjected. This simply goes to show that our car protection product is top of the line.

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Sunday, August 14 2016
Window Tint Removal Service

Do you have a vehicle with tinted windows? Maybe you’re just thinking about having your vehicle’s windows tinted, but not sure if you want to be committed to keeping the same tint on there for years at a time. Many people who have their vehicle’s windows tinted often decide that they need a window tint removal service. In the Philadelphia and surrounding area, Car Pretty is available to help with exactly this service.

Most window tint jobs will hold up over time, but there are cases when the tint has become warped, or where the vehicle is being sold to another owner. Sometimes people simply decide that they want a brand new tint job to replace the old one. In any case that arises, the expert technicians at Car Pretty are here to handle your needs with professionalism and care.

At Car Pretty we are equipped with the specialized tools that ae required for a custom window tint removal service. Your business is important to us, and we pride ourselves in offering top of the line materials to ensure that your vehicle, and your vehicle’s window, is not damaged in the removal process. You can rest assured that the expert technicians at Car Pretty have your best interests in mind through every step of the removal process.

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Sunday, August 07 2016
Window Tinting for Summer

Are you thinking about having your car windows tinted for summer, but not quite convinced of the benefits? At Car Pretty, we can help you demystify the truth behind window tinting, and help you understand why it’s such a great idea. We are the tristate region’s premiere window tint leader, and we offer a full line of affordable and quality services for all of your window tinting needs.

While it’s true that a tinted vehicle has aesthetic appeal, there are other practical reasons for having your vehicle’s window tinted. For one, window tint helps protect from the sun’s harmful rays. Especially during summer months, sun glare poses a potential driving hazard. The effects of sun glare can be reduced in a tinted vehicle, creating a much more pleasant and greatly safer driving experience. At Car Pretty, we can help you select the right window tint for your vehicle, and you’ll see be on your way to a safer, more comfortable driving experience.

Window tint also helps reduce the damage that sun can have on your car’s upholstery. Forget fades seat covers and warped dashboards. With a quality window tint job completed by Car Pretty, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s interior will hold up much better in the summer’s heat. What’s more, a window tint job will also reduce the temperature inside your vehicle, making it much more comfortable to step into after it’s been sitting in an exposed parking lot all afternoon. 

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