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Monday, November 28 2016
Limousine Window Tinting in Philadelphia

If you happen to be a limousine driver in the Philadelphia or surrounding area, then you might be familiar with the benefits of window tinting for your vehicles.  It’s no secret that drivers have a host of concerns when it comes to spending numerous hours on the road.  With the many distractions and obstacles that come with driving, it makes sense to consider window tinting for each of your vehicles. 

Because of the nature of their work, limousine drivers, especially, have to preserve the interior of their vehicles.  If you want to present a respectable vehicle to your riders, then it’s important to make necessary steps toward maintaining its appearance.  One of the great benefits of window tinting is that it has benefits in all seasons.  If you want to avoid slipping behind the wheel of a limousine that has been sitting all day in the blazing heat, then consider a professional window tinting job completed by Car Pretty of Philadelphia.

Likewise, if you are a limousine driver who would like to avoid driving a vehicle that’s been sitting in the cold all afternoon, then a window tinting job will help alleviate that discomfort, as well.  Window tinting, in general, has many benefits and temperature control is one of the most significant.  Because a limousine driver wants his or her passengers to feel comfortable and safe, a professional window tinting job can make the difference between an acceptable experience and an exceptional experience.

At Car Pretty, we value the many requests of our varied customers.  It’s important for us to know that we’ve handled each and every one of our projects with the utmost quality and care.  If you are a limousine driver in the Philadelphia or surrounding area, then Car Pretty can help you with each and every stage of the window tinting process.  Maybe you are new to the window tinting process, or maybe you just have a few questions about how to get started.  If so, one of our talented installers can help walk you through each stage of the process.

Window tinting is a great idea for preserving the interior of our limousine, but it also helps preserve your health, as well.  If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, then you’re aware of how powerful the sun can be.  Sun glare can pose many serious hazards while driving, and a limousine with tinted windows will not have the problems associated with this.  On the contrary, a limousine with tinted windows will provide both a safe and comfortable le ride for all of its potential passengers.  If you’re in the market for a professional window tinting job, then stop in today to find out why Car Pretty is the window tint leader for Philadelphia and the surrounding area. 



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Monday, November 21 2016
Car Window Tinting in Philadelphia

            It’s no secret that window tinting has more than one benefit.  While window tinting also has an aesthetic appeal, it also has some practical applications, as well.  If you’ve always wanted to get your vehicle’s windows tinted, or even if you’ve only toyed with the possibility, then Car Pretty of Philadelphia has the information that you need.  We are Philadelphia’s number one window tinting company, and our customer testimonials can prove it.

            At Car Pretty, we like to help you take the guess-work out of window tinting.  We know that if you are a vehicle owner, then you want to protect both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle.  We only provide the highest quality materials for all of our custom tinting jobs, and we only employ the highest caliber installers, as well.  We know that it’s important for you to drive away in a vehicle that has been properly cared for, and we do our best to exceed your expectations.

            If you want to know more about window tinting for your vehicle, and if you live in the Philadelphia or the surrounding area, then stop in today to speak with one of our customer window tint installers.  We can help answer any questions that you might have about getting your vehicle’s windows tinted, and we can also provide you with the reassurance that you might need to begin a window tinting project.  Our staff is dedicated and reliable, so you’ll never have to worry about your vehicle being damaged in any way.

            Window tinting has many advantages, and they are relevant all seasons of the year.  If you’re in the midst of a summer heat wave, a tinted vehicle will help keep the interior of your car cool.  A vehicle with tinted windows will help keep the interior temperature of your vehicle much cooler in the summer months, and likewise, it will help keep the interior or your vehicle warmer in the cooler months.  Window tinting also has a wealth of health advantages, too.  It’s no secret that exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to premature skin drying, as well as other health complications.  A professional window tinting job from Car Pretty will help protect you from the sun’s powerful rays and will also keep the interior of your vehicle looking as well-kept as possible.

            Whether you are new to the many benefits of window tinting, or you have had your vehicle tinted before, the professionals at Car Pretty can help guide you through the entire installation process.  We pride ourselves on offering only top-notch customer service, and we look forward to taking on new projects, as well.  Stop in today to find out why Car Pretty is the industry leader for custom window tinting in Philadelphia.

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Monday, November 14 2016
Car Alarm Systems

    In an ever-changing world, car owners are finding it more important than ever to invest in some type of vehicular alarm system.  We all know that in today’s busy world, it’s more than likely that you’ll forget to lock your car one day, or that you’ll find yourself in a less than desirable part of town.  When faced with these sometimes unpredictable situations, it makes sense to keep yourself protected.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we work with our customers to make sure that they have the right car alarm system for their particular vehicle.

    Maybe you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a car robbery.  Or maybe you’re just looking to take a few extra precautions.  Whatever your unique situation, we can help you find a product that matches your needs.  At Car Pretty, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we work diligently to ensure that you leave our shop with a product that you can trust. 

    At Car Pretty we carry a variety of trusted name brand alarm systems.  Some of our most popular sellers include Viper and Avital.  Many of our customers have commented that they like the features on the Avital brand.  Keyless entry, remote starter and starter kill are all options on the popular model.  The only drawback, according to some of our reviews, is that the Avital model does not have smartphone compatibility.  The product, however, still remains one of our top sellers.

    Another one of our top sellers in the car alarm department is the Viper 5901.  This unique alarm features both a car alarm as well as a remote starter.  Many customers report that they are impressed with the wide range of features on this product, including the shock and door sensors.  This alarm system also comes with a huge LCD screen that provides a display screen so that you can watch what is happening to your vehicle at any time.  This is a special feature that many of our customers claim they simply couldn’t do without.  Nowadays, car owners are seeking out more creative means to remaining safe, and using a reliable car alarm system is one of the best methods for accomplishing this.

    When it comes to staying safe, Car Pretty can help you achieve your goals.  We have a wide range of car alarm systems to choose from, and we are happy to answer any questions that might arise while you navigate the selection process.  We understand how important it is to keep both yourself and your vehicle safe, so we work hard to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.  Stop in soon to find out why Car Pretty has the best products for all of your car alarm needs.

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Monday, November 07 2016
Remote Starter Installation in Philadelphia

            It’s an ever-changing world nowadays, and people are looking for more ways to create conveniences in their lives.  One of these conveniences is associated with a remote starter for modern vehicles.  While it can be argued as to whether a remote starter is actually a necessity or simply a convenience, it cannot be argued that the benefits of one are many.  At Car Pretty of Philadelphia, we work hard to ensure that your personalized remote starter is designed to best suit all of your individualized needs.

            When it comes to providing you with both peace of mind and practicality, a remote starter is unsurpassed.  Why not take the advantage of being able to start your car from the convenience of your home?  If it’s an uncomfortably cold day outside, you can rest assured that you’ll have full access to your car’s heating mechanism, right from the comfort of your own home.  Why trudge through three feet of snow or across sheets of ice to get your car started in the morning?  Depending on your climate, it can be downright miserable in the early hours of the day.  That’s when a remote starter comes in more than handy.

            Likewise, who wants to walk outside in the blistering heat to start a car when it can be just as easily accomplished from inside an air-conditioned building?  If you’ve had your car parked in an asphalt lot all day and the weather is miserably hot, then it makes sense to use a remote starter to get your vehicle comfortable for driving before stepping behind the wheel.  A remote starter is an excellent option, especially for those living in the more climatically extreme parts of the country.

            Remote starters are becoming more popular now due to advances in technology.  Even if you’ve never tried one out before, we can help you find one that fits your needs.  At Car Pretty, we enjoy creating a positive relationship with our customers, and when it comes to answering questions, our team is top-notch.  Although our business started out primarily as a window tinting company, we have now branched out to include a wide selection of other related services.  Stop in and find out why Car Pretty is the window tint leader for Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban area.

            When it comes to remote starter installation, the professional crew at Car Pretty has got you covered.  We have a talented team of professional that is ready to assist you with whatever type of service you require.  Our business has grown through positive word of mouth reviews, and we stand behind all of our products and services.  If you are looking to purchase a remote starter to enhance your vehicular experience, then stop in today and find out how Car Pretty can help you with the process.

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