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Wednesday, September 23 2015

Philadephia Residential Tinting

Window film is one product that begins working for you the minute it's installed.   Adding window tinting to your glass, offers lasting benefits.  Window tinting blocks 98 percent of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 82 percent of uncomfortable solar heat.  At Car Pretty, we understand the multiple advantages of window tinting, and our reliable team is ready to offer a wealth of services.  

Car Pretty Window Tinting is the tri-state region's premiere automotive window tinter.  We specialize in utilizing Llumar film and we boast the area's most experienced installers. Our dedication to excellence has its roots in our automotive window tinting.  We have now branched out and offer window tinting to both residential and commercial window applications.

Our trusted shop at Car Pretty provides customers with the highest quality workmanship and service. We only use the finest grade film from Llumar, and our customers always come first.  Whether you want your car windows tinted or your home office windows tinted, we have the services and the products to suit your needs.

Window tinting helps you minimize light that damages your view and disrupts work specie.  Window tinting also improves aesthetics. The wide variety of window film colors and shades offer exceptional solar performance.  For many, they are also a renovation solution. From privacy films to soft, neutral tints, window films are the perfect complement to a home or a building, regardless of size and architectural design.

Applying window tint to your home or office has many benefits.  It increases a rooms energy efficiency, keeps the room cooler on summer days, and helps prevent premature fading of fabrics and carpeting.  The ultraviolet light that pours in through glass provides unhealthy exposure which is why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an effective ultraviolet protectant. By keeping out over 99% of ultraviolet light, window film keeps your skin healthy.

Contact Car Pretty Window Tinting today for your free custom quote.  Our staff is so confident in its tint products that we offer a Factory Backed Lifetime Warranty. Car Pretty not only offers you a lifetime warranty on the tint, but also gives you an exclusive warranty on workmanship.


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Wednesday, September 16 2015

Philadelphia Headlight Tinting

Tinted headlights and tail lights are becoming increasingly popular because they are a fun and simple way to personalize your vehicle’s appearance.  For most people, a car is more than just a means of transportation.  It is also a reflection of one’s personality.  Headlights and taillights now come in an array of styles, and at Car Pretty we can provide you with all of your headlight and tail light tinting needs for a reasonable cost.  

Today, you can choose from a wide variety of shades and colors for your vehicle’s headlights and taillights, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Choices include black, yellow, red, gun smoke, or optic blue vinyl, just to name a few.  At Car Pretty, we know that your vehicles’ appearance is important, and we want to be your first choice for all of your customizing needs.

Tinted headlights and taillights add a sleek look to your vehicle.  If you desire an individualized look for your car, the technicians at Car Pretty are ready to set up an appointment today. Are you looking to upgrade your headlights with a distinctive flair?  Lamin-x headlight covers are setting a new customizing trend on the aftermarket scene. Not only do these headlight covers look good, but they offer improved protection against unpredictable road conditions.

Lamin-x is high quality transparent lens film made of a flexible vinyl material with adhesive backing. It adds a unique look to your headlights while retaining the stock shape. In addition to the added protection from rocks and other road debris, our headlight covers prevent the hazy, yellow appearance caused by UV radiation and inferior headlight materials. Lamin-x is low maintenance and car wash safe.
Car Pretty is proud to offer Lamin-x tail light covers, as well.  These taillights offer both beauty and protection. Instead of spending money for replacement taillights after a spray tint has gone bad, simply purchase a set of our taillight covers, instead.  They are guaranteed to give your ride a customized, stylish look that will reflect your personal taste.

Whether you are looking to sleek up your ride or turn it into a muscle machine, we have a tail light cover to suit your needs.  Our tail light covers are made of a pliable, yet strong poly vinyl with an adhesive-backing for peel and apply installation. All you have to do is choose the tail light covers with the style and features that you're looking for and you're ready to go.

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Wednesday, September 09 2015

For most people, their car is considered an expensive asset.  To keep your car protected from the unfortunate event of a break-in, it is important to invest in a reliable car security system.  At Apple Graphics, we realize that it is important to decrease the likelihood of your car being targeted by thieves. The measures you take to protect your car can be adopted in various ways. These measures, put in place, will protect you from those who seek to steal your car and its components.

Investing in a car security system is one of the best ways to ensure that your car is protected.  At Car Pretty, our exceptional service and professional installation of the highest quality has made us the leader in Philadelphia tinting services.  In business for over 20 years, we have become a trusted and time-tested business, and we offer state of the art car security systems for those in need.

At Car Pretty, we don’t just install film.  We also provide car security system products and installation.  If you’ve been thinking of the right time to purchase a car security system, or already have one and simply need it installed, our staff of qualified technicians will assist you in making sure that your vehicle is both protected and safe.  We understand that your car is an important asset, and we will work with you to ensure you receive the right product for your needs.

Modern car security systems are enhanced with various helpful devices, such as a tracking system. With Global Positioning System capability, you and the authorities will be able to pinpoint the location of your car in the event that it is stolen, sometimes resulting in the capture of the offender, but always resulting in the recovery of the vehicle. Some auto security systems can also automatically lock your car in case certain alarms have been triggered by the attempted theft.  At Car Pretty, we can help you decide on the right car alarm system for your unique needs.


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Tuesday, September 01 2015

    Vehicle window tinting helps reduce visible light, in various percentages, from entering through your vehicle’s window.  This not only reduces glare, but it also increases privacy. In addition to reducing visible light, window tinting dramatically reduces solar energy penetration which reduces heat. Finally, ultra violet light “UV” causes damage to materials, including fading. Window Tinting helps reduce that damage.

    At Car Pretty, we offer a complete array of professional window tinting for automobiles, SUV’s, trucks, boats, homes and office buildings. We carry the highest quality brands including Suntek and Llumar films. We are always available to help you select the correct tint percentage for your application. We guarantee our services and all installations include a lifetime warranty.

    We invite you to visit Car Pretty’s Virtual Window Tint Selector. This helpful tool guides you to select the year, make, and model of your vehicle, as well as its color, the percentage of tint, and the brand you desire. It provides multiple choices for our customers as well as a working example of what your car will look like after it is tinted. 

    Car Pretty offers computer cut window tinting for picture perfect, accurate tint installation.  Many other window tinters still hand cut the film for their vehicle. This method is old fashioned and time consuming. Our precision cut film technology makes film application quick and flawless. Car Pretty has a complete database of templates for every vehicle on the road today. If your vehicle is an older car, antique, or custom, our installers are available to custom cut a template for it.

    Tint laws vary from state to state. It is important to understand the tinting laws in your area. At Car Pretty we help our customers make a tinting decision they will be happy for months and years after the work is complete. Please go to our state window tinting page or link. It is advised to research the law but if you’re in a hurry, we’ll be happy to walk you through the most current tinting laws that apply to your situation. For those with vision impairments, light sensitivity, or other medical conditions, medical waivers are available that allow customers to have tint when otherwise not allowed.


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