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Thursday, December 24 2015
Automobile Paint Protection for Autumn and Winter

Are you a car owner? If so, you might already be aware of the importance of vehicle paint protection. Your vehicle might be brand new, or it might be slightly or even heavily used. Whatever the case, if you want to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking as good as it can, then you need to consider added protection during harsher weather conditions. Even day to day wear and tear can be taxing on your vehicle’s appearance. At Car Pretty we understand the importance of paint protection and we employ only certified installers. You can rest assured that your vehicle 

At Car Pretty, we offer the best professional care for our customers, and we are ready and able to answer any questions that you might have about your project. The paint protection film that we use helps to maintain the exterior beauty of your vehicle’s finish, and can be applied to hood edges, fenders, bumpers, rocker panels and mirrors. We use a rugged urethane film that helps protect against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering.

If you’re looking for automobile paint protection in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas, then Car Pretty can handle your needs. Our automobile paint protection film is transparent and nearly invisible. It won’t alter your vehicle’s appearance, either. The next time you see a salt truck or a dump truck on the road, you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected. You’ll have no reason to stress over acidic insect scars on your vehicle’s exterior, either. 

Admiring the autumn foliage is a favorite pastime for many; however when trees shed their leaves, they often land on your car, as well. Leaves, like bird droppings, carry acidic components like pollen and sap. These are damaging to your vehicle’s exterior because they can penetrate the base coat of your car’s exterior paint. At Car Pretty, we understand how the elements can damage the attractiveness of your vehicle, and we know how to provide custom service to minimize these harmful effects. The next time you need to schedule a paint protection job for your vehicle, let Car Pretty step in to handle your project with the confidence and the quality you deserve.


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Wednesday, December 16 2015
Computer Cut Window Tinting

If you’re familiar with window tinting, then you might have heard of computer cut window tinting, as well. At Car Pretty Window Tinting, we specialize in a wide range of services including automotive car audio, security systems and remote starters. We also offer computer cut window tinting, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the end result.

At Car Pretty, we offer a full line of professional window tinting for cars, SUV’s, trucks, boats, homes and office buildings. We carry top name brands such as Suntek and Llumar films, and we offer suggestions for your tin application. We guarantee our service and everything we install includes a lifetime warranty. You might already know a little bit about window tinting, but did you know that there are specific installation techniques behind the process?

Most window tinting companies install window tint by hand. This means that they must hand cut the film, and then apply it to your vehicle. At Car Pretty, we offer computer cut window tinting, which means that a machine called a plotter cuts the adhesive using a template that precisely matches your vehicle. Once it is cut, our installer peels away the excess film and then applies the tint. Essentially, computer cut window tint ensures that the window film will be an exact fit every time.

At Car Pretty we value your time and your money. Since we’re up on the latest advancements in window tinting technology, we know that computer cut window tinting not only offers a cleaner look, but also minimizes risk for damage to windows or rubber trim. Computer cut window tinting is also more consistent, and it maximizes the use of your window tint, so you get more mileage with your purchase. If you’re looking for a company that knows how to deliver outstanding results, then look no further than Car Pretty for your entire window tinting needs. 

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Friday, December 11 2015
Remote Starter Technology

If you’re in the market for a new starter for your car, then look no further than Car Pretty Window Tinting. We are proud to offer remote starters and car alarms to our customers, and we are more than happy to help you choose the best option for your individual needs. Two of our remote starts with security come from the best selling brand Avital, and both models offer compatibility on mobile devices. Listed are a few of the top features for both of the Avital starters that we carry at our Philadelphia location.

1. Avital 1-way Remote Start with Security:

Avital 1-way Remote Start with Security

Avital's best 1-way security and remote start system will start your car with the push of a button from up to 1,500 feet away, and help protect it from thieves and vandals with the included Zone-2 Impact sensor (which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle). What’s more, the Revenger siren will alert you when the impact sensor has triggered, and the fault-proof starter interrupt, will prevent anyone from “hot-wiring” your vehicle. What’s even better, the Avital 1-way Remote Start with Security quickly connects to your mobile device or other interface devices via D2D cables. This starter even comes with XCR onboard relays.

2. Avital 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security:

Avital's top-of-the-line security and remote start system will start your car with the push of a button from up to 1,500 feet away, and confirm it has started on the large LCD screen of the 2-way remote. The security works the same way: when you arm or disarm your system, you will receive confirmation on the 2-way remote, and if your siren sounds the remote will beep or vibrate to let you know from up to 1,500 feet away. The Avital 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security system comes with one 2-way and one 4-button 1-way remote. What’s even better, the Avital 2-Way LCD Remote Start with Security quickly connects to your mobile device or other interface devices via D2D cables. This starter even comes with XCR onboard relays.

If you’re trying to figure out what remote starter will work best for your needs, let the experts at Car Pretty help you make your decision. Our skilled technicians can help explain all of the product specifications, and help you decide on which starter will work best for your individual needs.

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Thursday, December 03 2015
Stay Out of the Cold with a Remote Start

Have you ever spent a winter on the East coast? If so, you’ll understand what is meant by the word “cold.” Temperatures can quickly drop into the negative digits during the winter here, and there’s nothing worse than getting into a car for work that has been sitting in the cold all night. A remote starter will warm up your vehicle and de-ice the windows, offering you a warm and toasty environment. Scraping windows for frost and ice will quickly become a distant memory. 

Depending on where you live, the frigid weather could be one of the best reasons to buy and install a remote starter for your vehicle. When you've been at work all day you know the agony that comes from climbing behind the wheel of the frozen vehicle. If you work long hours, chances are your car has sat in a freezing lot for several hours. At Car Pretty, we feel your pain, and we are proud to offer some of the best remote starters on the market. 

Driving a car with an engine that has been warmed up for a few minutes is much better than driving a car that has been sitting in freezing temperatures for an 8-hour work day. With a remote starter, you can alleviate the problem of driving away in an ice box. Instead, you have the luxury of ensuring your car has been warmed up by the time you get in the driver’s seat. What’s even better- using a remote starter greatly increases the longevity and performance of your engine.

Aside from the obvious comfort factor, there are other reasons for considering a remote car starter. Pre-heating a car with a remote start means that instead of climbing into a car that has been sitting in a frozen tundra of a parking lot, you can now climb into a car that feels like it’s been roasting in the tropics. A remote starter also makes it much easier to defrost and remove ice and snow from the windows, mirrors, and headlights. Have you ever seen people driving in winter with four inches of snow still sitting on their hoods? This is both unnecessary and unsafe.

At Car Pretty, we work to serve both Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. We know that you’ll benefit from a remote starting system that is packed with safeguards and safety features to protect your vehicle. Some of the available remote starting systems come equipped with a valet mode that temporarily inhibits remote starting. The valet mode is useful for those times when your car is parked by an attendant. 

Be warned, however - some county police officers are now issuing tickets for people who leave their remote started vehicles unattended. If your car is unattended, you increase the chances of having it stolen. Be sure that if you use the remote car system, that you do not leave your vehicle unattended for an extended period of time.

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