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Monday, May 24 2021
5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Window Tinting to the Professionals

So you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted. It’s a great idea, given the benefits — it keeps your interior cool, protects you from the sun’s rays, preserves your interior, and reduces the chance that someone breaks into your vehicle.

Now, you might’ve considered DIYing tints with some online tutorials to cut costs or save time, but we highly suggest not to do that, and here are some reasons why.

1. Proven, Trusted Experience

Even if a professional is providing you online tutorials on installing window tints, you ultimately have to do them yourself. You might make installation errors without knowing for sure, resulting in wasted time and money when your tints are ruined.

By relying on Car Pretty’s professionals, you can rest assured trained professionals with years of experience working on all sorts of vehicles will install tints accurately that last for the long haul.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Relatedly, it may take you a long time to prepare and install the tints correctly, unless you yourself have experience installing tints.

Even then, leaving the job to a professional ensures you get a great tint guaranteed without spending your own time installing it.

3. Regulatory Knowledge

Tints may be legal in Pennsylvania, but there are a bunch of rules to follow, and they differ between vehicle types.

It can be tough to ensure your tints meet every legal requirement. Yet, if you don’t do things properly, you could accidentally violate the law and face fines and other headaches.

Professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of window tinting laws. By letting a professional handle your tints, you won’t have to worry about getting hit with a ticket or fine for too dark of tints.

4. Tint Film Quality

Many DIY kits try to sell you on price. Admittedly, they are inexpensive compared to professional tinting services.

However, “you get what you pay for,” as they say. These inexpensive tint kits may not have the best quality of the film. Film of poor quality can fade, peel, or turn purple, wasting your time and money while leaving you with an unsightly tint to remove.

Professionals like Car Pretty put quality first. After all, our reputation is on the line. We invest in the highest quality materials so your tint lasts for the long term.

5. Professional Guarantees and Warranties

If you do a tint yourself and it doesn’t work, there often isn’t much you can do to recoup your costs.

On the other hand, professional tinting companies guarantee their work and/or provide you with a warranty to demonstrate their confidence in their tints and to help you if anything happens.

At Car Pretty, we stand apart from the rest in this area. We’re confident that you’ll be beyond pleased with our handiwork, so we offer you a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a workmanship warranty. If you’re looking for the best window tinting professionals in the Philadelphia area, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Friday, May 21 2021
Fun Facts About Window Tints

1. Yes, It’s Legal

Many are afraid of window tints for legal reasons.

But guess what?

Every single state allows window tinting.

The thing is that states differ in exact rules about where you can tint, how dark the tints can be, and so on.

In Pennsylvania, for example, there are two sets of rules: one for cars (such as coupes and sedans), and one for SUVs/vans.

Cars in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Back windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

SUVs and vans in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light in.

● Back windows: Any level of darkness is allowed.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Any level of darkness is allowed.

(Note that there are some other laws to keep in mind. These are just the basics.)

So although you don’t have 100% tinting freedom for obvious reasons, you can get them tinted regardless of your state.

2. It’s Actually Quite Old

Right around the WWII era is when people first had access to commercially available window tinting. EZ Eye was a popular tin manufacturer.

To save money, many vehicle owners tried to do their tints at home. However, tints were all spray-on, since window film had yet to be invented.

As a result, many cars ended up with unsightly, unhelpful, uneven tints.

Some 1950’s drag races put Plexiglass on their windows to get a tinted look. However, it didn’t work like a real tint.

3. There Have Been Many Advances in Window Tinting

It wasn’t until 1966 that window film was invented, paving the way to plenty of tinting advancements. These were considered far superior to the spray-on stuff.

Unfortunately, these first films used dyes that didn’t hold up to heat, absorbing it into the vehicle instead of reflecting it. The sun would also cause them to bubble and turn purple.

In response to these issues, window tint innovators integrated metal into the dye. This mostly solved the heat problem and increased film strength, but now, the metal was interfering with the car radio and other electronics.

The latest big invention in tinting is ceramic films. As you might expect, these stand up to heat and UV, reflecting it all back. Plus, they don’t interfere with electronics and can last a lifetime.

4. They Offer More Than Just Style

Window tints can make your car look cooler, but there’s more to it than that.

For one, speaking of cool: tints keep out the sun’s heat, helping your car stay at a reasonable temperature when out in the sun (whether parked or driving). You can cut your reliance on the A/C, which may reduce your gas usage.

Tints also block harmful UV rays, reducing your chance of sunburn and keeping your interior from fading.

Furthermore, tints can reduce your chance of a car break-in. Thieves are less likely to target a car if they can’t spot anything of value inside.

Looking for window tints in Philadelphia? Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty. Our knowledge professionals will expertly install your tint and even educate you further on all local and state window tinting laws. Contact us today to learn more!

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Tuesday, April 27 2021
How Dark Should I Tint My Windows to Enjoy My Car Without Breaking the Law?

Today, window tinting is one of the most popular ways people upgrade their vehicles. It offers a variety of benefits:

● Safety: Tints protect passengers from the sun’s harmful rays. They also keep the interior cool, making it less likely you’ll burn yourself on scorching hot components.

● Interior preservation: Sun rays fade your interior and can even crack your dashboard. Tints help slow this. This also helps your car maintain its value better.

● Comfort: Blocking the sun’s rays means a cooler interior during the summer. You spend less time sweating when you get in your vehicle, and you don’t need to rely as much on your climate controls.

● Privacy: When people can’t see inside your car, it’s less likely to be targeted by thieves. If you desire privacy on the road, tints help with that, too.

● Style: Darkened windows look great on a wide variety of vehicles.

That said, you can’t go as dark as you want. You also can’t place tint wherever you want.

Tinting Laws in Pennsylvania

Tinting laws vary by state. In Pennsylvania, the front and rear side windows must allow at least 70% of sunlight to come through. Any more than this means you’re breaking Pennsylvania law. Some police departments actually use a tool called a tint meter which measures the amount of light that comes through the windows.

Additionally, the front windshield can only be tinted except for on the top four inches of the windshield so drivers can shade their eyes from the sun. This is because too dark of tints can impair visibility, and transportation authorities want to take no risks of reduced driver visibility in front.

The rear windshield is allowed to be tinted, though.

Here’s a general guideline for those areas that you’re allowed to tint: if you can’t see into your car at all, it’s too dark. Your visibility isn’t the only concern — police need to be able to see inside the vehicle during a traffic stop. If the windows are too dark, they don’t know what’s going on in there, which raises the tension during a traffic stop.

How to Enjoy Your Tints While Complying With the Law

The best way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of tinting without breaking the law is to have a professional install your tints for you.

Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty in Philadelphia if you’re looking to get tints. Our experts will not only professionally install your window tints, but we’ll make sure you’re in the know about all the local laws surrounding your tints. That way, you can enjoy your newly-tinted windows worry-free. Contact us today to learn more.

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Monday, April 19 2021
Benefits of a Remote Starter in the Summer

Remote starters are fantastic to have on your car in the winter. You can sit in the comfort and warmth of your own home while your car warms up every frosty morning.

However, being able to start your car without being inside of it is a benefit in all seasons.

With the warm weather approaching, we thought we’d share with you some of the many benefits of having a remote starter in your car during the summer.

1. Makes Your Car Comfortable

First and foremost, cars get hot in the summer — especially if your car is a dark color. When left sitting out in the sun on a hot day, you could start sweating the moment you get inside your vehicle.

But with a remote starter, there’s no need to worry about that. You can sit inside your air-conditioned house, or whatever location you’re at, and wait as the climate control system creates a comfortable temperature in the interior.

Then, you can get inside the vehicle without being drenched in sweat. Not to mention that if you’re out on a hot day, few things feel better than slipping right into an air-conditioned vehicle.

It’s just like the winter, but the temperatures are flipped!

2. Improves Safety

Heat isn’t just uncomfortable. It can even pose a safety threat to you and your passengers.

Many components inside the car can get quite hot — especially the metal parts like the seatbelt. However, the steering wheel and various knobs and controls you need to use can also scorch your hands.

With a remote starter, you can get the climate controls to cool everything down ahead of time. That way, you won’t burn yourself on any hot interior components.

3. Saves Time

Playing off those last two benefits, a remote starter can save you plenty of time. You can get your car cooling down several minutes ahead of time, making it super easy to hop in drive off to wherever you need to go.

If you’re considering a remote starter after learning of these fantastic benefits, come down to Car Pretty in Philadelphia. We offer Viper remote starters so you can enjoy the benefits of starting your car from afar.

Additionally, another service we offer that’s especially helpful in the summer is window tinting. Tinted windows can keep your car cooler and protect your interior from the hot summer sun. Schedule an appointment with Car Pretty to learn more about our remote starters and our window tinting services.

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Tuesday, March 30 2021
5 Key Reasons to Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Plenty of people get their vehicle windows tinted every day, and it’s easy to see why. It offers the driver and their passengers a nice range of advantages.

If you’re on the fence about getting your own car some window tints, consider the following benefits in your analysis.

1. Skin Protection

Car windows themselves block out UVB rays pretty well. Windshields are also treated to help block UVA and UVB rays.

However, your side windows don’t block UVA. These are the rays that can penetrate deepest into your skin, leading to sunburns (or even skin cancer if pervasive enough).

Window tints can block out these rays, shielding everyone — especially younger children with sensitive skin — from the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Protects Your Interior

The sun’s rays also harm your interior. Sunlight can fade your dashboard and seats, making them look quite unsightly over time. The heat can also lead to cracks in these areas.

Sunlight can even lead to safety issues, such as damaging airbags and harming the weather stripping in your doors.

Again, window tints block much of the sun’s rays, so parking your car in the sun for long periods of time isn’t as much of a worry.

3. Cooling

As the sun shines on your interior, it can make various surfaces quite hot. For example, you may burn yourself on a scorching steering wheel during a hot day. You or your passengers could burn themselves on their seatbelt’s metal components, too.

By putting some tints on your windows, you’ll keep things nice and cool inside. That also means you won’t have to wait as long for your car to reach a bearable or comfortable temperature once you start it.

4. Safety From Thieves

Thieves sometimes roam about parking lots — especially at night — looking for valuables sitting in the open inside cars. If you, for example, leave a laptop case on your car seat, a thief might break your window and take it.

Window tints can be especially helpful here. It’s already dark enough at night, so it’ll be quite hard for thieves to see through dark windows inside your vehicle. If you’re parked among many other cars, your chance of being targeted by thieves decreases.

5. Style

Last but not least, tints can add style to your vehicle. Darker windows simply look cool on many types of automobiles.

Convinced about the benefits of tinting your car’s windows? Here at Car Pretty, we’d be happy to help you install tints. Our professionals work quickly and efficiently, and we also keep you informed about the laws surrounding window tints. Contact us today or come in to learn more!

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Thursday, March 18 2021
Get Your Vehicle Ready For Spring!

Spring is finally here! Therefore, make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to prep your car for sunny weather!

1. Clean Your Car

Spring means spring cleaning. Not just for your home, either, but for your car.

The winter weather can really scuff up your vehicle. Road salt and low temperatures wreak havoc on your paint, and you can get all sorts of muddy slush stuck all around your vehicle.

If you visit a car wash, get the top-of-the-line wash to be sure you don’t miss a thing. If you’re washing it yourself, mix some baking soda with your water to help clear off road salt.

Additionally, clean out the inside. Throw out any trash and vacuum up any dirt or debris that’s laying around. If you want to go the extra mile, give your car a deep clean.

2. Replace Wipers and Fluids

Snow and ice wear on your wipers. You’ll need to replace them if they’re leaving streaks on the windshield. Luckily, wiper blades aren’t pricey. You can install them yourself in seconds, saving you even more money.

While you’re at it, top off your wiper fluid. Make sure your car is fully prepped to handle spring showers.

3. Check Your Tires

Temperature changes also cause pressure changes in your tires. Suboptimal tire pressure wastes gas (and your money), and of course, there’s the risk of getting a flat.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check your tire pressure and make sure you go rotate your tires if you haven’t done so recently.

Also, if you have winter tires, now would be a good time to change to something more weather-appropriate. Driving winter tires in the warmer seasons build up heat, which can wear down and break the winter tires.

4. Get an Oil Change

Keep up with your regular oil changes to maximize fuel efficiency and keep things running smoothly. Make sure to follow your manufacturer’s specifications found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Don’t forget to change your oil filter as well if necessary.

Fortunately, many auto shops will top off your fluids, fill your tires, check your battery, and do many other maintenance tasks without any additional charge beyond your oil change. Take advantage if your local auto shop does so.

5. Check Your Battery

If your car battery dies, you’ll be left stranded. Get your battery checked and replaced if needed. If you aren’t sure how to do this, auto shops can do it for you.

6. Get Your Windows Tinted

Sunshine is nice, but it can fade your interior if your car is left out in the sun for long. Plus, the sun’s UVA rays can penetrate through your windows and lead to potential sunburn — especially for young children whose skin might be more sensitive.

Also, you might accidentally burn yourself touching a hot steering wheel on a particularly scorching day.

Tinting your windows can mitigate these issues, not to mention it looks nice.

Come down to Car Pretty if you’re looking for a window tinting professional in Philadelphia. We’ll not only install the tints quickly and expertly, but we’ll educate you on laws regarding tints. Contact us today or come in to learn more.

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Thursday, March 04 2021
6 Advantages of Applying Paint Protection to Your Vehicle

To many, cars are more than a box that gets you from Point A to Point B. Your car lets you express yourself to the outside world. A clean, shiny car shows the world you take care of your things and makes you feel proud to own the vehicle.

Not to mention that keeping your car in great shape maximizes your resale or trade-in value when it’s new car time.

Thus, you want to make an effort to keep your car looking like new.

One of the subtlest yet most effective ways to maintain a brand new appearance is to apply paint protection to your car.

Here are some benefits a simple layer of paint protection film brings you.

1. Keeps Your Car Beautiful

First and foremost for most people — paint protection keeps your car looking as if it just rolled off the lot.

It’s simple: paint protection offers a permanent protective coat guarding your paint against wear and fade. This makes your paint look glossy and shiny for much longer, which means you can feel better driving it.

2. Protects Against The Environment

The environment isn’t friendly to your vehicle. Some ways the environment causes damage include the following.

  • Rocks: Can knick and ding paint.
  • Road salt: Causes corrosion to the vehicle.
  • UV rays: These can fade your paint.
  • Bird droppings: More than an unsightly annoyance, these contain acid which can be harmful to your paint.

Fortunately, paint protection protects against these elements. It seals off paint to prevent scratches and corrosion. Meanwhile, it also reflects UV rays to minimize paint fading.

3. Makes Cleaning Easier

Paint protection film can prevent the buildup of dust on your exterior. Less dust buildup means less to clean — which means less effort spent cleaning.

4. Maintains Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Let’s face it: many people trade in their car before it’s completely worn down to cover some of the down payment on a new car.

Are you planning on doing the same in the future? It might pay to invest in some paint protection film for your car.

Sure, you should keep all the parts running nice and smoothly if you want it to have any resale value. However, value is heavily dependent on aesthetics, too. If you can keep your car’s exterior looking glossy and new, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

5. Cuts Repair Costs

Those knicks and dings can add up to unsightly and costly repairs. Paint protection guards against these, meaning less money spent on repairs for you.

6. It’s Completely Invisible

The best part about paint protection? No one can see it. Once you apply it to your vehicle, you can drive around as normal — no longer having to worry about every little rock you drive over or the sun’s UV rays.

Your car will continue to look gorgeous with less effort on your part.

As you can see, investing in professional paint protection pays off in terms of your car’s aesthetics and resale value, not to mention your wallet.

If you’re looking to get some paint protection applied in Philadelphia, Car Pretty is happy to help. We also offer window tinting to protect your interior, complementing your paint protection nicely. Contact us today to learn more.

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Friday, February 26 2021
Protective Film: Why It's Important to Have On Your Vehicle

Our cars cost us a lot of money. You’ve got the car itself, interest (if you’ve got a loan), gas, maintenance, insurance, and so on.

With so much money going into our vehicles, we definitely want to take good care of them.

That’s where the protective film comes in.

The protective film essentially serves as an invisible barrier between your vehicle’s paint and all sorts of things that can damage it.

With that in mind, here’s why it’s important to put some protective film on your car.

It Keeps Your Car Looking Nice

First and foremost, the protective film keeps your car looking glossy, shiny, and clean. It keeps those knicks and dings from rocks and branches at bay. It also guards against possible rust and corrosion caused by road salt and the elements.

Of course, the film itself is invisible. You get all that protection for your car’s aesthetics without any weird-looking items attached to your car.

It Helps Your Car Hold Value

Some people drive their cars into the ground, but it’s hard to tell if that’ll be you many years from now when the car is done for.

There’s always a chance you sell your car or trade it in as part of your down payment on a new vehicle.

Yet aesthetic damage can put this at risk. If your car works but looks beat up, you simply aren’t going to get much for it.

So think of the protective film as a way to preserve your car’s value. Your car will lose less value if it stays looking shiny and new.

It Cuts Your Repair Costs

As we mentioned, people spend a good sum of money keeping their car in excellent shape through regular maintenance.

But the damage can happen, too. No one likes driving around in a car that’s marked up from rocks and the elements, yet repairing these things costs a good chunk of change.

Once again, the protective film serves as an excellent investment here. With protective film guarding your paint, you reduce your chances of needing a body shop to fix your car back up.

Looking to protect your car’s body from the elements? Car Pretty is happy to help. We offer professional protective film installation. Along with it, we provide window tinting installation services if you’d like to protect your interior, too. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Thursday, January 28 2021
Five Ways the Sun's UV Rays are Harming Your Car's Interior

You’re well aware of the dangers too much sun exposure poses to human skin. You can get painful sunburns — and too much can even increase the risk of skin cancer.

However, your skin isn’t the only thing at risk. The UV rays that the sun emits can harm your interior in many ways. Over time, your interior may look worse, and the sun can even lead to safety or operational issues.

With that in mind, here are some ways the sun’s UV rays threaten your car’s interior.

1. Dashboard Damage and Fading

Sure, it’s nice to go for a windows-down (or roof-down if you have a convertible) drive on a warm, sunny day. However, the combination of heat and UV radiation can lead to plenty of wear and fading of your dashboard over time, especially when leaving your car out in the sun for a long period of time.

The dashboard won’t just fade, though — it can start to crack. This isn’t pretty to look at, and costly damage may even occur.

2. Electrical Component Damage

Various electrical components are at risk of damage due to the sun’s rays when left exposed to the hot sun for extended time periods. The wiring and other components can expand, break, or melt under extreme heat, leading to expensive repairs and headaches. With tinted windows, you can minimize the risk of this happening.

3. Upholstery Deterioration

Similar to your dashboard, your upholstery can deteriorate in lots of sunlight. Leather seats can stiffen and crack, while fabric may get dry and start rotting.

Additionally, the sun can bake dirt, spills, and other messes into your seats, leaving unsightly stains that are tough to remove. By keeping your car clean and installing window tints, you can minimize the risk of this happening.

4. Damage to Weather Stripping

Your rubber weather stripping around your doors keeps out the elements, as well as dust and debris. Unfortunately, the sun can cause the stripping to rot, which means your drives will get a lot less comfortable.

By shielding your interior from the sun with shade and tinted windows, you can keep your weather stripping safe.

5. Occupant Safety

On warm, sunny days, metal and rubber components can get quite hot. You and other occupants could experience burns when touching these before they have a chance to cool. This isn’t to mention possible excessive sun exposure and sunburns that young children may experience due to having more delicate skin.

Additionally, some safety features can be compromised due to excessive heat. For example, airbags can be damaged under enough heat and not work properly — leading to potentially life-threatening consequences.

At a minimum, you can keep your vehicle safe from the sun by parking it in the shade as much as possible. If you have a garage or carport parking spot, that’s excellent.

Window tints offer an additional layer of protection, blocking out rays no matter where your car is. Whether you have no protection from the sun or want to add an extra layer, come to Car Pretty and check out our window tinting services. Our professionals can both install the tints and educate you about local laws surrounding tints. Come on in today!

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Tuesday, January 12 2021
Window Tint Maintenance Do's and Don'ts

Did you recently get your windows tinted? Good choice. Window tints enhance your car’s look, protects you and your interior from the sun’s UV rays, keeps the interior cool, and make your car less of a target for thieves at night.

With the right care, a professionally-installed window tint can last up to 10 years. Make sure you know these window tint maintenances do’s and don’ts to make your tints last as long as possible.


Clean Your Tints

You can and should clean your tints regularly — about every other week. Otherwise, dirt and debris can build up. This buildup can lead to unsightly staining or streaks.

Wash and Dry With Microfiber Cloths or a Squeegee

Tints are durable enough to withstand regular elements, but you could scratch them through direct contact if you aren’t careful. When washing your car, use a microfiber cloth or squeegee to tend to your windows.

Avoid Direct Sunlight After Washing

Window tints are meant to keep your interior safe from the sun, but they need to dry first before you stick your car in sunlight. Otherwise, the sun could dry your car unevenly and create plenty of staining and streaks.

Instead, let your car dry in a shaded area, such as in a garage or under a carport.


Use the Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

Some cleaning chemicals — ammonia-based cleaners in particular — are a bit too harsh for your window tints. Using them can wear down the tints prematurely, meaning you’ll have to go install new tints much sooner.

The tint-friendly solution is to use either soap and water or a cleaner with natural/naturally-derived ingredients.

Skip the Interior

Most people focus their cleaning efforts on the exterior of their vehicles. You should too, but remember, tints are installed on your window’s inner pane. Take some extra time to gently clean the inside of your window with your soap and water/naturally-derived cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Tend to the Edges

It’s odd that you’d want to avoid cleaning an area, but your tint is most vulnerable at its edges. If you attempt to clean the edges of the tint, you risk damaging this area.

That said, there will be times when junk builds up at the edges of your tint. In this case, be as gentle as humanly possible. Use a soft cloth and be delicate when cleaning.

If you’re looking for professional window tinting services in Philadelphia, you’ve come to the right place. Car Pretty has been satisfying customers with quality workmanship for over 2 decades. We don’t just install the tints — we also educate you about the legalities of having tints on your car. If you’re interested in our tinting services, please contact us today.

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