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Tuesday, September 14 2021
Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Philadelphia winters have the potential to make driving stressful and dangerous. The transition from the summer to the fall presents the perfect opportunity for proactive vehicle maintenance that has the potential to save your life. Be proactive, opt for preventative seasonal maintenance, and you just might avoid a breakdown in Bucks County when the temperatures are near or even below zero. Here is a quick look at how to get your automobile ready for the fall and winter seasons.

Change the Tires

All-season tires won’t prove effective or safe across the entirety of a Philadelphia winter. The start of fall is your opportunity to schedule the removal of your current tires so winter tires can be added. Even if your current tires are described as all-season, they will not grip the road as well as winter tires.

Mind the Antifreeze

Your vehicle’s antifreeze is essential to its performance during the upcoming winter in Bucks County. If the antifreeze is running low, there is chance water is within it. The presence of water stops the antifreeze from keeping the engine cool. Bring your automobile to a Philadelphia mechanic and you will rest easy knowing the optimal mixture and level of antifreeze keeps your engine operating as designed.

Check the Battery

Can you imagine your vehicle’s battery dying in the dead of a Philadelphia winter after a long day at work? If your vehicle’s battery is more than three years old, have it checked prior to the start of the fall so you can drive with full confidence on even the coldest days. Every Bucks County driver should know his or her vehicle will start right away. Keep in mind, your vehicle’s battery will only weaken as winter progresses so don’t hesitate to replace it if it is causing problems or doesn’t have much of a charge remaining.

Tire Tread and Air Pressure

Your vehicle’s tires must have the right amount of tread to grip the road when it is covered in ice, snow, and slush. Even tire air pressure makes a difference in terms of stopping time. Have the tires’ tread depth checked by a professional, fill up the tires to the right air pressure level, and rotate them at each oil change. Continue to check your tires’ air pressure once per month throughout the winter to ensure they have the pressure level noted on the doorjamb.

A Brake Inspection Might Save Your Life

Your automobile’s brakes are particularly important in the winter months as they determine whether you will be able to reach a full stop on Philadelphia’s icy streets. Even a light rain when the temperatures are low will lead to slick conditions that make stopping difficult. Let a Bucks County auto specialist check your brakes and maintain, repair, or replace them if necessary.

Car Pretty Window Tinting is at Your Service

We are proud to provide local Philadelphia-area residents with alarms, remote car starters, paint protection, window tint, and more. Give us a call today at 215-688-2000 to learn more about our automotive products and services.


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Tuesday, August 17 2021
Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tinting

How Is Window Tint Applied?

The window tint film is added to windows that have been thoroughly cleaned. We perform a comprehensive cleaning of the windows to ensure every last piece of dirt and grime has been eliminated. The next step is to cut the tint film to the size of the window. The release liner is then pulled away, exposing the adhesive of the film.

We add an application solution to the windows prior to applying the tinted film to the glass. The application solution is subsequently removed, setting the stage for our team to trim along the edges so the tint’s perimeter aligns with the window edges.

How Long Does Window Tint Installation Take?

It will probably take between an hour and two hours to complete the installation of the window tint. However, the number of windows and the type of vehicle also play a role in determining the amount of time necessary for tint film application.

Is It Possible To Have Window Tint Applied to Windows When It Is Cold or Wet Outside?

Indeed, it is possible to add window tint amidst inclement weather. Today’s window tint is designed with adhesive systems that allow for reliable, long-lasting adhesion to windows, regardless of how cold or rainy it is outside. Though the curing time for window tint applied when it is cold outside might be a little longer than usual, there is no other significant difference between installation in cold weather and warm weather.

Is Window Tint Applied to the Exterior or Interior of Vehicle Windows?

Window tint is applied to the inside of the window. The film is initially laid along the exterior of the window prior to cutting so it fits just right with the window. The film is then placed on large glass and cut to size. The next step is to install the film along with the interior of the window so it cannot be compromised by the weather or miscreants interested in trying to peel off car window tint from the outside of the vehicle.

Does Window Film Really Have the Potential to Decrease Energy Costs?

Tint your windows and you won’t use your air conditioner as often. The reduction in A/C use saves you that much more money and also reduces your energy consumption to boot.

What Is the Safest Way To Clean Windows That Have Been Tinted?

Give the newly-tinted windows a week after installation so complete drying can take place. If you were to clean the windows too soon, the tint might be compromised prior to drying. You can clean your tinted windows after the one-week mark using a non-ammonia, non-abrasive cleaner, and a soft paper towel.

Learn More About Window Tinting in Philadelphia by Contacting Car Pretty

If you have any other questions about window tinting, don’t be shy! Contact our window tinting experts today at (215) 688-2000. We’ll happily answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about window tinting. You can also request an appointment by filling out our contact form.

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Tuesday, August 10 2021
Residential and Commercial Window Tinting in Philadelphia

Most people are aware of the fact that some Philadelphia drivers have tinted vehicle windows. However, some locals are unaware that tinted film is also applied to the windows of Philadelphia area homes and businesses as well. Car Pretty is proud to provide window tinting services for local homeowners, business owners, and drivers throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

The Top Reasons Why Philadelphia Homeowners Tint Their Windows

Window tint applied to windows in homes and vehicles is beneficial in a number of regards. For one, window tint keeps the sun’s warmth and harmful UV rays away from the homeowner/driver and everyone else inside the house or vehicle. This protective barrier ensures the inside of the home remains cool and comfortable throughout the day, regardless of how hot it gets outside. Though window tint alone is not enough to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the hot summer months, it will certainly help keep the indoor temperature at a reasonable level.

Have Car Pretty tint your home or vehicle windows and you will find the energy efficiency improves by a meaningful margin right away. Natural light is certainly beneficial yet only in limited quantities. Too much sunlight will cause a slew of problems including sunburns, exposure to harmful UV light, increases in temperature, material color fading, and more.

Philadelphia Residential and Commercial Window Tint Eventually Pays for Itself

Opt for window tint and you will spend less money cooling your home, business, or vehicle during the summer and spring months. Window tint really does make the interior temperature that much more consistent, ultimately resulting in less energy consumed and a lower utility/gas bill.

Window tint is also favorable as it prevents outsiders from seeing inside your home, business, or vehicle. Your family and your belongings will be that much safer after the addition of window tint. Add in the fact that the application of window tint enhances curb appeal and there is even more reason to add it to your business’s windows.

Commercial Window Tinting Done Right

The benefits of residential and auto window tinting are quite clear. If you own or manage a business in the greater Philadelphia area, you can also greatly benefit from the addition of tinted film to your building’s windows. The benefits of window tint for commercial buildings are similar to those of residential homes in Philadelphia. However, business owners have even more reason to add protective tint to their windows.

Window tint prevents potential burglars from seeing inside the business, ultimately reducing the chances of a burglary. Window tint for Philadelphia businesses also keeps customers and employees cool during the hot summer months, reducing the frequency of A/C use, and lowering the business’s utility bills all the more.

Contact Car Pretty Window Tinting Philly Today

Our residential and commercial team is here to bring out the best in your Philadelphia home or vehicle. Reach out to us today to find out more about our window tinting services. You can reach us by dialing (215) 688-2000 or by completing our contact form.

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Thursday, July 29 2021
Professional Remote Car Starter Installation in Philadelphia

If your vehicle does not have a remote start, now is the time to add it. Remote start functionality is an absolute must-have for Philadelphia driving. Have our team install remote car starter tech in your vehicle and you will finally be able to start your ride from afar, ensuring it is cool and ready to go when you are.

Remote Car Starter Installation Done Right for Peace of Mind

Fast forward to the upcoming winter. You are starting to get your things together after hanging out at a friend’s place for the evening. However, the snow has been falling all day, and it is freezing cold outside. You reach into your pocket, activate your remote starter, and your vehicle is warm and ready to roll the minute you step out the door. This is the convenience of remote car starter installation in Philadelphia. Your vehicle’s remote starter will make you that much more comfortable, reduce the amount of time you have to spend preparing your vehicle prior to driving, and set the stage for safe and enjoyable drives no matter how bad the weather gets.

You’ll Look Forward to Driving Again With Remote Start

Part of the problem with driving in Philadelphia during the winter is preparing a vehicle for a commute, trip, or other outings. Cleaning off the car, getting inside, and turning it on only to wait for it to warm up is annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating. Remote car starter technology is now available to warm an automobile’s engine, start the heat, and even activate the defroster. In other words, this is a remote means of preparing your vehicle for a demanding ride on the roads during the harsh winter weather. 

However, your vehicle’s remote start is not useless this summer, or spring, and fall. You can also use the vehicle’s remote starter to turn on the air conditioner from afar so your vehicle is nice and cool when you step foot inside.

A Remote Car Starter With the Right Range

Your vehicle’s new remote starter will only prove as effective as its range. If you are positioned far away from the vehicle yet still want to start it up, you should be able to do so, regardless of the distance. We provide our customers with the largest possible range so they can remotely start their vehicle even if positioned far away from the vehicle. This is the extra distance you need to remotely start your vehicle from a distant room in your home, your basement, the inside of a mall, your seat at a sporting event, the inside of a packed restaurant, or in a massive parking garage.

Contact Car Pretty Today

Are you interested in the remote start, window tint, or auto paint protection? Our team is here to bring out the best in your vehicle. If you live or work near the greater Philadelphia or are in the area, give us a call at 215-688-2000 to find out more about our services.

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Thursday, July 15 2021
Tips for the Coolest Possible Car This Summer

This is likely going to be one of the hottest summers on record. If you don’t keep your vehicle cool, it won’t be comfortable to drive or ride in. Even something as subtle as the addition of a remote starter by our experienced auto experts in Philadelphia sets the stage for a cool vehicle ready for comfortable fun driving no matter how hot it gets outside. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you keep your vehicle cool this summer.

Bring It to the Pros

From coolant to air filters and other vehicle components, there are plenty of moving parts that play integral roles in keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable. If you know or suspect something is wrong with your vehicle, do the smart thing by bringing it to the professionals. In fact, it even makes sense to schedule maintenance once each year prior to the summer driving season so you can get behind the wheel in full confidence knowing your vehicle will perform up to par. Be sure to get your vehicle's windows tinted to keep your ride even cooler this summer. We provide window tint, headlight/tail light tint, and automotive paint protection for Philadelphia drivers.

Park Strategically

Parking in the first open space you find is not the best approach, especially when the temperature is around triple digits and it is outrageously humid. If there are no clouds overhead, try to find a shaded spot to park your vehicle. This way, when you step foot inside to drive back home, you won’t enter an absurdly hot vehicle. Also, keep in mind that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, meaning shaded areas will not be shaded hours later.

Add a Sun Shade to Your Windshield

Windshield sun shades might look a little cheesy yet they serve an important purpose in preventing the sun’s blazing hot rays from warming your vehicle to the point that it is not comfortable to sit in. Spend the little bit of time necessary to add a sunshade to your vehicle and you will have done your part to ensure you return to a cool and comfortable vehicle interior that you can safely operate without worrying about potentially scorching your skin with the wrong movement. In fact, some windshield sun shades have advanced to the point that they are made of materials that absorb heat that much better, ultimately decreasing the amount of ultraviolet and thermal rays that move inward to the rest of the vehicle interior.

Use the Garage

Though it might seem like common sense to some homeowners to use their garage to park one or multiple vehicles, plenty of homeowners use these spaces for other purposes. If you have been using your garage for card games, storage, woodcutting, or another purpose, clear out all those items so you can once again park your vehicle in the garage.

Though most other people might use their driveway as a parking space due to excess clutter in the home, you should use this space to store your vehicle. Parking your vehicle in the garage keeps it away from the hot sun, helping it stay that much cooler.

Car Pretty is a Call Away

The summer will take a toll on your vehicle unless you take preventative action. Lean on our team for window tint, remote start, auto paint protection, and more. You can contact us by phone at 215-688-2000.


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Wednesday, June 23 2021
Why More Philadelphia Drivers are Adding Car Paint Protection Film

Have you ever stopped to think about all the different threats to your vehicle, especially its underbody that is mere inches above the road?  Aside from fellow Philadelphia drivers who do not obey traffic laws, there are all sorts of additional threats ranging from rodents to debris, potholes, rocks, the sun’s harmful rays, winter salt, broken glass, and more. Each of these threats can damage your vehicle to the point that its functionality is diminished and its value significantly decreases. The solution to protecting your vehicle is car paint protection film.

The Merits of Car Paint Protection Film

Car paint protection film, also known as the clear bra of a vehicle, provides a protective shield against the threats detailed above as well as others bound to arise in the future. In particular, this film also helps to preserve vehicle paint jobs. Protect your vehicle with paint protection film and you will have done your part to extend its longevity while simultaneously maintaining or even improving its resale value.

Part of the appeal of car paint protection film is that it is universally applicable. This means the protective barrier can be added to sedans, coupes, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and other automobiles. The film is a thick translucent barrier made of urethane that is added to the entirety of the automobile. Car paint protection film is most commonly added to the front bumper, fenders in the front and back, paint, door handles, mirrors, headlights, and hood.

A Sharp Look

Your vehicle will look quite sleek once its paint protection film is in place. This polished aesthetic is created with a shiny and glossy appearance that adds that extra visual beauty to vehicles of all different sizes and types.

Paint Preservation

Above all, the primary reason to add car paint protection film is to protect your vehicle’s paint. This is the best way to safeguard your automobile’s coloring. The car paint protection film will preserve the vehicle’s paint hue and also combat discoloration from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

Car Paint Protection Film Makes Economical Sense

Though adding car paint protection to your vehicle certainly costs a bit of money, it ends up paying for itself across posterity. This protective film reduces the damage inflicted on your automobile’s exterior. Add in the fact that the film boosts automobile resale value all the more and there is even more reason to add it to your ride. In the end, you will likely end up making money or at worst, breaking even, after spending on car paint protection film.

Car Pretty Will Bring out the Best in Your Vehicle

Our automobile window tint experts are here to improve the look of your car while enhancing its safety and also minimizing the impact of the sun on your vehicle. In addition to window tint, we also provide automotive paint protection film, tail light/headlight tinting, residential/commercial window tint, and more. Contact Car Pretty by dialing 215-688-2000. You can also reach us on the web by completing our appointment request form.

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Friday, June 18 2021
Window Tint Keeps Your Vehicle Cool and Does Plenty More

Think back to the last time you saw a vehicle with tinted windows in Philadelphia. Your thoughts likely turned to the tint shielding the interior of the vehicle from the hot sun. Maybe you thought about how no one can see inside the vehicle thanks to the dark tint. There are plenty of additional reasons why Philadelphia drivers tint their vehicle windows. Let’s take a look at the many motivations for adding tint to automobile windows and windshields.

Stay Cool This Summer With Window Tint

The planet is getting hotter with each passing summer. If you are tired of getting scorched when entering your vehicle, it is time to tint the windows. Your window tint will reduce the temperature of your vehicle’s interior, ensuring your automobile is comfortable even on the hottest of summer days. An added bonus is the fact that your cooler vehicle interior will reduce the amount of gas you burn through to run your vehicle’s air conditioner on those blazing hot Philadelphia summer days.

Window Tint Reduces Glare and Damage to the Interior

Glare is a major problem for drivers as well as those trying to enjoy the view while seated in the passenger seat. Add in the fact that sun glare gradually wears down the materials that comprise vehicle interiors and there is all the more reason to add protective tint.

Opt to tint your vehicle’s windows and you won’t have to worry about the sun fading the color of your interior. Have the upper section of your windshield tinted and you will have that much more protection against the sun, ultimately making the driving experience less stressful and that much safer for everyone inside your vehicle and on the road.

Tint Conceals Dirt and Smudges

Everyone agrees tinted windows look that much more visually pleasing than windows without tint. Add tint to your vehicle’s windows and it will conceal dirt, spots, smudges, and other gunk. This means your vehicle will look fantastic even if you have not recently washed it.

Keep Your Pet and Kids Comfortable

Even if you don’t mind stepping foot into a blazing hot car and waiting for the vehicle to cool down, chances are your kids and your pets would prefer a cooler vehicle. In particular, dogs prefer a cool vehicle as they have a thick coat of fur that makes them even hotter during the summer. Tint your vehicle’s windows and you will have done your part to keep your dog(s) and also your kids cool and comfy while driving around Philadelphia this summer.

Contact Car Pretty Today

Car Pretty is here to bring out the best in your vehicle. If you are interested in window or windshield tint, reach out to us today to find out more. We also provide car alarms, remote starters, automotive paint protection, headlight/tail light tinting, residential/commercial window tinting, and more.  You can contact Car Pretty by dialing 215-688-2000.  If you prefer to contact us online, you can do so by filling out our appointment request form.

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Monday, May 24 2021
5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Window Tinting to the Professionals

So you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted. It’s a great idea, given the benefits — it keeps your interior cool, protects you from the sun’s rays, preserves your interior, and reduces the chance that someone breaks into your vehicle.

Now, you might’ve considered DIYing tints with some online tutorials to cut costs or save time, but we highly suggest not to do that, and here are some reasons why.

1. Proven, Trusted Experience

Even if a professional is providing you online tutorials on installing window tints, you ultimately have to do them yourself. You might make installation errors without knowing for sure, resulting in wasted time and money when your tints are ruined.

By relying on Car Pretty’s professionals, you can rest assured trained professionals with years of experience working on all sorts of vehicles will install tints accurately that last for the long haul.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Relatedly, it may take you a long time to prepare and install the tints correctly, unless you yourself have experience installing tints.

Even then, leaving the job to a professional ensures you get a great tint guaranteed without spending your own time installing it.

3. Regulatory Knowledge

Tints may be legal in Pennsylvania, but there are a bunch of rules to follow, and they differ between vehicle types.

It can be tough to ensure your tints meet every legal requirement. Yet, if you don’t do things properly, you could accidentally violate the law and face fines and other headaches.

Professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of window tinting laws. By letting a professional handle your tints, you won’t have to worry about getting hit with a ticket or fine for too dark of tints.

4. Tint Film Quality

Many DIY kits try to sell you on price. Admittedly, they are inexpensive compared to professional tinting services.

However, “you get what you pay for,” as they say. These inexpensive tint kits may not have the best quality of the film. Film of poor quality can fade, peel, or turn purple, wasting your time and money while leaving you with an unsightly tint to remove.

Professionals like Car Pretty put quality first. After all, our reputation is on the line. We invest in the highest quality materials so your tint lasts for the long term.

5. Professional Guarantees and Warranties

If you do a tint yourself and it doesn’t work, there often isn’t much you can do to recoup your costs.

On the other hand, professional tinting companies guarantee their work and/or provide you with a warranty to demonstrate their confidence in their tints and to help you if anything happens.

At Car Pretty, we stand apart from the rest in this area. We’re confident that you’ll be beyond pleased with our handiwork, so we offer you a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a workmanship warranty. If you’re looking for the best window tinting professionals in the Philadelphia area, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Friday, May 21 2021
Fun Facts About Window Tints

1. Yes, It’s Legal

Many are afraid of window tints for legal reasons.

But guess what?

Every single state allows window tinting.

The thing is that states differ in exact rules about where you can tint, how dark the tints can be, and so on.

In Pennsylvania, for example, there are two sets of rules: one for cars (such as coupes and sedans), and one for SUVs/vans.

Cars in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Back windows: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Must allow more than 70% of light into the vehicle.

SUVs and vans in Pennsylvania:

● Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light in.

● Back windows: Any level of darkness is allowed.

● Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in. Any level of darkness is allowed on the top 3 inches.

● Rear window: Any level of darkness is allowed.

(Note that there are some other laws to keep in mind. These are just the basics.)

So although you don’t have 100% tinting freedom for obvious reasons, you can get them tinted regardless of your state.

2. It’s Actually Quite Old

Right around the WWII era is when people first had access to commercially available window tinting. EZ Eye was a popular tin manufacturer.

To save money, many vehicle owners tried to do their tints at home. However, tints were all spray-on, since window film had yet to be invented.

As a result, many cars ended up with unsightly, unhelpful, uneven tints.

Some 1950’s drag races put Plexiglass on their windows to get a tinted look. However, it didn’t work like a real tint.

3. There Have Been Many Advances in Window Tinting

It wasn’t until 1966 that window film was invented, paving the way to plenty of tinting advancements. These were considered far superior to the spray-on stuff.

Unfortunately, these first films used dyes that didn’t hold up to heat, absorbing it into the vehicle instead of reflecting it. The sun would also cause them to bubble and turn purple.

In response to these issues, window tint innovators integrated metal into the dye. This mostly solved the heat problem and increased film strength, but now, the metal was interfering with the car radio and other electronics.

The latest big invention in tinting is ceramic films. As you might expect, these stand up to heat and UV, reflecting it all back. Plus, they don’t interfere with electronics and can last a lifetime.

4. They Offer More Than Just Style

Window tints can make your car look cooler, but there’s more to it than that.

For one, speaking of cool: tints keep out the sun’s heat, helping your car stay at a reasonable temperature when out in the sun (whether parked or driving). You can cut your reliance on the A/C, which may reduce your gas usage.

Tints also block harmful UV rays, reducing your chance of sunburn and keeping your interior from fading.

Furthermore, tints can reduce your chance of a car break-in. Thieves are less likely to target a car if they can’t spot anything of value inside.

Looking for window tints in Philadelphia? Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty. Our knowledge professionals will expertly install your tint and even educate you further on all local and state window tinting laws. Contact us today to learn more!

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Tuesday, April 27 2021
How Dark Should I Tint My Windows to Enjoy My Car Without Breaking the Law?

Today, window tinting is one of the most popular ways people upgrade their vehicles. It offers a variety of benefits:

● Safety: Tints protect passengers from the sun’s harmful rays. They also keep the interior cool, making it less likely you’ll burn yourself on scorching hot components.

● Interior preservation: Sun rays fade your interior and can even crack your dashboard. Tints help slow this. This also helps your car maintain its value better.

● Comfort: Blocking the sun’s rays means a cooler interior during the summer. You spend less time sweating when you get in your vehicle, and you don’t need to rely as much on your climate controls.

● Privacy: When people can’t see inside your car, it’s less likely to be targeted by thieves. If you desire privacy on the road, tints help with that, too.

● Style: Darkened windows look great on a wide variety of vehicles.

That said, you can’t go as dark as you want. You also can’t place tint wherever you want.

Tinting Laws in Pennsylvania

Tinting laws vary by state. In Pennsylvania, the front and rear side windows must allow at least 70% of sunlight to come through. Any more than this means you’re breaking Pennsylvania law. Some police departments actually use a tool called a tint meter which measures the amount of light that comes through the windows.

Additionally, the front windshield can only be tinted except for on the top four inches of the windshield so drivers can shade their eyes from the sun. This is because too dark of tints can impair visibility, and transportation authorities want to take no risks of reduced driver visibility in front.

The rear windshield is allowed to be tinted, though.

Here’s a general guideline for those areas that you’re allowed to tint: if you can’t see into your car at all, it’s too dark. Your visibility isn’t the only concern — police need to be able to see inside the vehicle during a traffic stop. If the windows are too dark, they don’t know what’s going on in there, which raises the tension during a traffic stop.

How to Enjoy Your Tints While Complying With the Law

The best way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of tinting without breaking the law is to have a professional install your tints for you.

Bring your vehicle into Car Pretty in Philadelphia if you’re looking to get tints. Our experts will not only professionally install your window tints, but we’ll make sure you’re in the know about all the local laws surrounding your tints. That way, you can enjoy your newly-tinted windows worry-free. Contact us today to learn more.

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